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  1. New progressive house work in progress from DJ daywalker
  2. Recreate the bit-crush effect in "Shakedown - At Night (Mousse T Remix)"
  3. Live sound / multi track recording board?
  4. Advice on my bass please =D
  5. WIP Electro track!! Need some feedback
  6. Mash Up?
  7. It Is Here! Get Your Dub Turbo Trial And Experience Real Music!
  8. New to This
  9. Microphone Suggestions for Sampling
  10. ##Rudy D - The Blue Cheese Delirium (original mix) New 2012 progressive electro house
  11. How can I hook my Lap top up to Mixer or amp to record CD'S or MP3'S?
  12. free booze, nikes & rep for feedback -->
  13. Cheap but respectable audio interface? (*into* computer)
  14. Marcus Canty Feat. Wale - In & Out (Secret! Remix!)
  15. Where to get Remix Kit's?
  16. Compressors and limiters?
  17. What are some good sample packs out there?
  18. Making beats
  19. Where do I start with mixing music?
  20. What do you do before making a song?
  21. EDM versions of classical?
  22. Making your own edits
  23. AudioGL - 3D Music Development
  24. dumb question about getting rid of subsonics
  25. Logic Pro Tips / Tutorials
  26. Gettin that boomin bass even on laptop speakers
  27. How do I proceed from here [progressive techno]
  28. Looking for some track feedback!!
  29. Making a song loop?!?
  30. problems with recording a mix
  31. Confused with remixing
  32. Using a Launchpad as drumpad?
  33. Using a Launchpad as drumpad?
  34. Maschine won't eject.
  35. I want to record some vocals but have zero knowledge on mics
  36. Unwanted fuzz
  37. Help Recording? How to record a set with numark v7?
  38. presonus studio one - one day halloween sale
  39. My current production in progress
  40. Recording Set with Numark Mixtrack Pro
  41. off numbered bpms
  42. Which MPC or MPC-equivalent experience?
  43. Electronic Dance Music Theory
  44. YO! Looking for some feedback on my A-Track Remix :D (Moombahthon/New Orleans Bounce)
  45. Some help with my tracks looking nice
  46. Building a quiet PC tower for music production
  47. What midi keyboard would everyone suggest?
  48. Recording my mixes, not sure which output I should use on my mixer.
  49. Kaskade & Deadmau5 -Move For Me (Pocket's Heavenly Remix) Electro House
  50. Voucher to spend on Native Instruments. Suggestions on any VST's?
  51. My drops suck!! :argh:
  52. Production/Remix Insight on a track on Beatport.com
  53. Which ADC/DAC with Maschine for sampling and main out?
  54. Ableton Live Problems
  55. MP3 encoder that doesn't render silent spaces
  56. Fxp packs?
  57. What's the point in using busses?
  58. Mastering???????
  59. How do i record my gigs when using Serato DJ Intro?
  60. Studio Saturday (& Sunday, & and anyday of the week actually)
  61. Super Beginner Questions
  62. Weird things you do
  63. Electro Voice Supercardiod EV N/D 357 B mic?
  64. Recorded Set Clipped- Repair?
  65. help bringing my vision to reality!
  66. FL 10 studio problem?
  67. Midi Keyboard Recommendations
  68. What spec are the laptops you guys are using? Mine does not seem to be enough...
  69. anybody can make a diy acapella of this song?
  70. Possible to edit a mix after recording it?
  71. Podcast with Ableton
  72. How do you remember your idea's?(When you can't produce)
  73. Huge cyber monday deals
  74. Seperating vocals from a song
  75. Alive- Krewella
  76. Good ableton live tutorials?
  77. Reason Questions Thread
  78. New basic daw - Stagelight
  79. What I've been working on. A starting over journey.
  80. Latest production, what do you guys think?
  81. Recording onto a Macbook Pro
  82. Presonus Studio One 2.5 Available
  83. Reel to Reel/recordingl Expert advice needed!
  84. Anyone uses Analog Synths or Modular Synths?
  85. Need help by making tech house
  86. Looking for a Masterkeyboard
  87. Tascam DR-05 comes in loud
  88. Requests!?
  89. Question about serato scratch
  90. Club music creation according to the DJs from Mars
  91. What's the big deal about logic pro?
  92. Track I am working on (mainstream progressive house)
  93. Questions about Sampling/Remixing/Stems
  94. VST controllers.
  95. Our production: We Will Rock You (Cut Off 'Electro' Remix)
  96. Need Advice on Recording Setup
  97. Sales!
  98. looking for creation software
  99. Offer too good to be true?
  100. Is there a name for this kind of hardware? Any model you suggest?
  101. Loudness war cherry popped - RANT
  102. How do I increase the volume of a recorded mix?
  103. MPK49 problems
  104. Axiom 25 , Direct Link Installer
  105. Selling a Maschine
  106. What are some good exercises to help in creating/copying a sound?
  107. Good fx/sweep packs?
  108. Recording quality of audio 10
  109. (WIP) New trance track
  110. can i record using audio 2 DJ soundcard
  111. Starting producing setup.
  112. REMIX This !
  113. Best Beat Production Software
  114. Tools to understanding mixing
  115. Video Courses.(Logic)
  116. I have a question about equipment
  117. Contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
  118. z3ta+ 1.5 now for free
  119. MonteBeats Introduction
  120. Ive got a .midi file and Ableton. Now what?
  121. Abelton issues
  122. Ableton Remixing/Bootleg questions about Acapella Clean Up/Mastering
  123. Some advice re some gear, guys?
  124. Is this creative or did he just throw the vocals over a track?
  125. Using midi controller without adapter
  126. What are some good audio interfaces that aren't that expensive?
  127. rackmount synths
  128. Does anyone have a copy of Billy Ido's White Wedding (Instrumental)
  129. dance music aficionados / audiophiles: help!
  130. Avicii x you
  131. Post your first track or the earliest you can find. (original or remix)
  132. A couple of questions about production in FL Studio
  133. Seeking advice on recording/mixing vocals
  134. Source for Remix Stems.
  135. Logic 9 Users: Can anyone polish this mash up?
  136. Free Brass Samples
  137. Tricky remix
  138. I REALLY need help with some mixing
  139. New Song i would like u guys feedback
  140. My productions
  141. Starting with producing
  142. i don`t kow delete this post
  143. Anyone need an acapella made?
  144. Soft-synth Shoot Out Thread!
  145. Recording on a smartphone
  146. New Moog - Sub Phatty
  147. DIY acapella question
  148. Latest Bootleg- Ghosts n G6 Handguns [DJ Jordz Live Bootleg]
  149. Lincoln - Synthy Wip
  150. RMX-1000 recording problems
  151. Custom PC Build Guide
  152. Air Traffic Control Sounds??
  153. Anyone good with EQing Kicks n whatnot? I need some help....
  154. Trying to get into Ableton (this shit has to many buttons) Question about view modes
  155. Should I record mixes with "Pad" on or off ?
  156. Need help with choosing some hardware (keyboards, controllers content)
  157. Suggestions?
  158. Choosing a software to start remixing.
  159. Recording mixes
  160. (WIP) Apologize remix
  161. Anyone else have this feeling?
  162. Control Ableton Live With The Tip Of Your Fingertip
  163. Need A Midi Keyboard For On The Go D: (Akai MPK Mini 25 v.s Axiom AIR Mini 32)
  164. Free Sound design course
  165. NI Komplete 8 and Ultimate discount through March 26th
  166. Ableton Suite 8 Education edition vs Regular
  167. Pro Tools 10 on Windows 7 ???
  168. Save "Ministry of Sound" from closing down
  169. hey help with video effect
  170. Track Submission deep house
  171. Clarity Remixes
  172. How can I do a delay or reeverb effect BEFORE the sample?
  173. New 12 voice analogue monster synth from DSI
  174. Lazy Rich & Hirshee Ft. Amba Shepherd - Damage COntrol (LSB Remix)
  175. Ideas for new tracks come at all hours. How do you remember them?
  176. MOVEMODE - Crazy Skull (Preview)
  177. just when i thought i had everything.
  178. Want to use Skype for group, and show Ableton Live sound without switching inputs....
  179. MIDI keyboard question
  180. Can't Record In Stereo
  181. How does one re-open a VST in ableton after I close the VST window ?
  182. How do I release a track for purchase?
  183. Mastering. I just don't get it.
  184. Remix wanted
  185. How to make music like m83, Laroux and MGMT?
  186. Trying to get further into creating tracks (beginner questions)
  187. Looking for a good condenser microphone
  188. MACBOOK PRO 13" 2012 late. no line-in
  189. How to make a constant high pitched synth?
  190. software to record on
  191. Piano plugins
  192. Free sample pack for supporters
  193. HELP: turntable set up
  194. A quick guide to creating a CUE sheet for mixes
  195. Intro to music production course
  196. Logic Time and Pitch Adjust
  197. What's the first thing YOU do when working on a remix?
  198. New Trance podcast, need guest mixes!
  199. Latest WIP......Feedback? :3
  200. How long have you been producing?
  201. At Teh Disco - Smooth Sundays, could need some advice
  202. Sweet Nothing Acapella?
  203. Need some advice.
  204. Deformaty - Exclusive Producer Pack Vol. 1 [Electro House, Breaks, Dubstep]
  205. Do you guys know how to play the piano?
  206. Recording vinyl set on ipad?
  207. Enter the Million Dollar Remix Contest by THIS FRIDAY March 8th!!
  208. In and out of love acapella?
  209. Finding it extremely difficult to "click in" sounds.
  210. Artists Needed on New Record Label
  211. So you've just completed a track. Now what?
  212. What do they do... And what exactly are they?
  213. Ableton 7 Question
  214. Saturater
  215. Deep Hoise track help (WIP Track)
  216. Reason 7
  217. Sound quality of serato mixes & itunes presets
  218. How can I make this 'super-saw' even more 'super'?
  219. New label taking demos!
  220. Ableton Live's secret feature: Show device slots
  221. You have to buy a USB key for a trial?
  222. Am I doing it right?
  223. Rick Ross Beats
  224. x0xb0x Atomic Mod2?
  225. Creating a Piano Melody for an RnB Track?
  226. How you guys get that "balance"?
  227. Remove all sound below a certain volume?
  228. Guide - How to make a video with images out of an audio mix for YouTube
  229. Hardware Synths to consider?
  230. Intro to Synthesis - 3 Hour Synthesis lesson!
  231. VST's for 'epic' music?
  232. Beefing up the 300Hz range
  233. Lofi synth beats volume.2 by i kil animls
  234. Audio to MIDI Conversion
  235. BEST drum plug in for house music?
  236. Producer Battle
  237. sound fx machine
  238. Studio Mixers for Ableton?
  240. starting a label question
  241. Who knows Hightech Techno?
  242. Bpierre, martin prommel & amin orf - blackholes ep
  243. mastering
  244. dirtyird
  245. DDJ sx as soundcard.
  246. Question about finding Acapella's of newer songs for Remixing
  247. Hitler gets his tracks back from mastering lol
  248. Any problems with the M audio keyrig 49?
  249. Carly Rae Jepsen - Tonight I'm Getting Over You (Vincent T. Remix)
  250. potential producer?