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  1. Your options on these Moving Heads... What to do?
  2. Post your lighting rigs
  3. DJ Lighting - The Complete Evolving Guide
  4. Posible Uplight - Wash (non DMX ) but remote controlled. LED
  5. Fair price laser?
  6. looking to purchase a laser for a nightclub
  7. High End Trackspot vs. Martin SCX
  8. Lighting Brands - Who Should You Buy Your Lights From?
  9. First DMX Controller
  10. Want to submit a review for the reviews section?
  11. Bubble Party
  12. New Haze Machine!
  13. Review Request - Uplighting
  14. Did something not recommended by the forum..
  15. Discussion - What is up with lighting software?
  16. How to arrange pucks
  17. Flash Cue's in LightJockey - How to?
  18. Anyone have experience with the Chauvet Swarm4 LED? How Bright Is It?
  19. American DJ Micro 3D vs American DJ Micro Galaxian. whats the difference?
  20. Need help starting a setup. Budget is currently around $400
  21. What next? help with my basic light setup :D
  22. Chauvet Minnie...
  23. Check out this all in one rig
  24. Bored With Lighting D:
  25. What's the difference between $50 and $500+ USB- DMX converters
  26. lighting recomendations that can hook to my speaker stands under my speakers
  27. Chauvet intimidator spot 150
  28. Lightronics SM-192 vs. Elation DMX Operator
  29. Would it be pointless to use a ADJ Royal Sky laser without fog?
  30. lights
  31. Serato projector Mapping
  32. Updating Lighting going digital...first post
  33. Looking for a t bar / cross bar
  34. Am I throwing money away?
  35. Wireless DMX
  36. Please help me pick a good DMX software
  37. Class 3R lasers - what gives?
  38. Thoughts
  39. Need Dmx controller
  40. Nerdiest light control?
  41. RGBW vs RGBA?
  42. Picking a starball style light
  43. My new lights have arrived
  44. Chinese/no-brand puck par lights?
  45. Inexpensive base/stand for up-lights
  46. Just bought a laser
  47. Finally got my Q spots working correctly in Show Express!
  48. Lighting controllers!
  49. DMX - Did i make a mistake and waste money?
  50. Best DMX Controller Software
  51. American DJ Snow Flurry - An alternative use and a question.
  52. Confetti Cannons
  53. DMX software
  54. Running DMX for Uplighting & Effects
  55. Chauvet ShowXpress & Other dongles
  56. Want Suggestion for hardware controller
  57. WTB Chauvet diamond mini strip
  58. Gear bag for an Eliminator Swarm light
  59. Big Dipper Lasers?
  60. Are LED Moving Yokes There Yet?
  61. Got an insane deal on a bunch of lights, now what do I do?
  62. LED Penguin/alien head manual or dmx addressing.
  63. Net Book DMX Controller
  64. If There was one Light?
  65. Provided lighting for a Benefit concert.
  66. Electrical issues. Please HELP!
  67. what lights would you suggest for this bar?
  68. LED Panels
  69. Diffusing LED Pars
  70. What's a good mirror ball kit?
  71. My new lights just came in
  72. Martin SCX 500 DMX question
  73. Looking to buy a projector & screen. Tips?
  74. Good video editor for Making you own music videos?
  75. AV Installation
  76. Laser Safety Question
  77. Suggest another light; Vioroll, Quad Gem or Chauvet Derby X?
  78. Platinum Spot 5R vs. 250 Entour
  79. Chauvet Color Palette
  80. Second Laptop for Lighting
  81. iSolution iMove 5S noisy?
  82. What are your thoughts about the ADJ Commscan LED
  83. Most bright for little buck - uplighting
  84. Scanner bulb replacement?
  85. Lighting for Judson Laipply
  86. Kool light laser
  87. Whats a good way to hang a mirror ball?
  88. Favorite light for under $150
  89. opinion on safety cables?
  90. Going LED/Wash Help
  91. Request - torrent 90 lightjockey profile
  92. Chauvet slimpar 56 vs. Blizzard puck led
  93. Wireless DMX Question
  94. Excuse the noob question but...
  95. Win Free Blizzard Lights!
  96. Chauvet COLORrail IRC in depth demo and review
  97. Just got a Chauvet Comet LED in the mail.
  98. Which moving heads?
  99. First Time - Uplighting with ADJ Mega Par Pro's
  100. Lights for coffee house size stages and basement parties
  101. open gobo?
  102. Source for commercial grade c9 stringers?
  103. moving head mount?
  104. What is this laser?
  105. Looking to upgrade my fog machine
  106. Wish I'd though of it....
  107. What wash light should I add to my setup?
  108. Just did my first concert.
  109. Failed attempts at finding audience blinders..
  110. Chauvet QSPOT 260 LEDs for $499
  111. Revo 4 rating
  112. Lighting Advice?
  113. Moving head recommendation..yes another one
  114. Used Moving Heads for $1,500?
  115. MBT LZ500 laser
  116. Cheap Scanning (Not star field) lazer for 250$
  117. TV Mounting
  118. Truss Totems as Speaker Stands?
  119. DMX controller suggestions? For..
  120. Clamp and Safety Cable Concern
  121. Puck placement question
  122. DMX Controllers
  123. Chauvet Motion Drape
  124. Wash Lighting Advice
  125. Looking for med-base screw in pinspot adapters
  126. Blizzard Ice 60 and G60
  127. strobes, how much is needed?
  128. Blog Post On Wedding Lighting
  129. Just bought a Followspot 1200
  130. Gobo Zoom 2.0
  131. New LED Gobo Projector by Osram
  132. Advice on a durable Light Stand
  133. Chauvet Dj Bank?
  134. Technotronics Tornado
  135. Stairville MH-X25 LED
  136. QSpot on Global Totem
  137. Black Lights?
  138. Possible Lighting Setup
  139. Gig Recap Video - Movers, Pucks, Strobes, Trussing
  140. Irradiant ePar 56, what's the deal?
  141. High, heavy duty speaker/light stand?
  142. Laser with liquid sky effect
  143. Good value moving head
  144. Simple On/Off Switches For Lights
  145. question about the 4 bar and 4 play
  146. Radiance hazer too much
  147. Advice needed on wing console to run pars with showxpress
  148. Need suggestions on intelligent lighting
  149. Ideas for Weding Cake Spot Lighting Please.
  150. Cheap facade lighting
  151. Asking for setup advice with my current lighting gear
  152. 4 ADJ Hyper Gems + 2 Chauvet Tridents on a Gig
  153. Scanner options?
  154. Lightupvision LED Curtain
  155. Lighting Advice/LED Wall Info needed
  156. Got my DMX "Universe" working last night!
  157. LED up/down lighting lease deal?
  158. Recommend Me Some Fixtures Please? :3
  159. Trussing vs Multiple T-stands
  160. Expanding my lighting, what do you suggest?
  161. Chauvet Color Rail IRC
  162. Blizzard Puck 3 Unplugged
  163. (2x) COLORband PiX Mini vs (1x) COLORbandô PiX
  164. Intimidator Spot 350 LED for monogram prjection
  165. presenting: liiveX
  166. where is a good place to buy a laser(s)?
  167. Can my T Bar support these lights?
  168. CHAUVET launches new Truss line - "TRUSST"
  169. Dumb DMX question
  170. American DJ ComScan
  171. Projector Lighting to show visualizers?
  172. Automatic video slicer / splicer
  173. Question for the MyDMX gurus:
  174. Is this a good deal?
  175. Noob - Laser and Lighting Suggestions help!
  176. New to lighting and want suggestions for purchases? Read this first.
  177. upselling Gobo monogram projection
  178. Chauvet Intimidator Scan 300s?
  179. T-Bar bag that holds fixtures as well
  180. Roboscan bulbs are expensive, LED mod?
  181. Light Duty Global Truss anyone?
  182. Should I keep it or should I sell it?
  183. might be getting a great deal on "expo" truss
  184. How to hang Chauvet MinSpot lights from the ceiling
  185. Chauvet Mini Bar4 2.0 Use with Alternate Controller? Footpedal still work?
  186. What is a good fog machine?
  187. LED Fixture brightness
  188. Homemade light stands?
  189. Making a Pre-Recorded Visuals
  190. New Chauvet Moving heads
  191. What is Martin Up To?
  192. My (unfortunate) experience with the Elation Platinum Spot 5R line
  193. Pocket Projectors
  194. Need help repairing light
  195. What wash lamps/pars would people suggest?
  196. Wireless LED up-lighting
  197. Fog Machine Not Working
  198. Chauvet Comet LED
  199. cheap usb dmx interface?
  200. Does it matter what type of fog I use in a generic fog machine?
  201. lighting setup advice
  202. Stick with haze or go back to fog?
  203. Which T-Bar
  204. DMX... wireless or splitter?
  205. Showxpress profiles...
  206. Martin Fog Machines
  207. Wireless DMX
  208. By request.. CompuShow Walkthrough (KILLER DMX Software)
  209. In need of advice / terminology
  210. Blizzard Torrent F5 Initial thoughts/Review
  211. DMX nubie question
  212. My DMX rig... and MIDICON review.
  213. $400 burning a hole in my pocket
  214. Abstract Gladiator Revolution
  215. 2 days left.. I am giving away a free laser!!
  216. Is THIS a good light controller?
  217. freestyler help
  218. Bedroom/Mini-Dance-Floor Lighting (Suggestions Request)
  219. Looking to Upgrade from Freekie DMX Controller, should I switch to computer based???
  220. Stay away from the Chauvet led DJ bank!
  221. Chauvet Pyrotechnics?!?!
  222. DJforum Blizzard dealers... I need help please
  223. Need yall help wanna get into uplighting with a budget of $1000 - $1200
  224. Here are my lasers in show
  225. dmx cable and mic cable difference (ya ya ik but read!)
  226. what to use for gobo projector?
  227. What are your opinions on the Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150?
  228. AC DJ Expo
  229. RGBA and RGBAW Color Mixer
  230. programming question
  231. FREQ5 and FREQ16 review!!
  232. 9 hours of work.
  233. DMX Help Please!
  234. Q Spot troubles
  235. American DJ Color Beam
  236. ATTN: NICK/STEVIE @ BLIZZARD (Need some help)
  237. Be careful when buying Chinese knock offs...
  238. Opinion from Qspot 260 owners
  239. What Scanners?
  240. Need urgent help from anyone who owns the Adj Mega Flash!
  241. Replace Vertigo with DMX version????
  242. Opinions on Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex Fog Machine - Black
  243. Disco balls
  244. Chauvet obey 40 and Chauvet Omega I
  245. Venue Magic / VDJ / mac question
  246. Roboscans not responding to dmx?
  247. Blizzarrd uplighting
  248. Full Color Gobos for about the cost of B&W steel
  249. Has anyone ran Ecliplse on Parallels?
  250. Up light with built in control