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  1. Moving heads mounting options
  2. American DJ LED Tri7x not giving its true colour
  3. Intimidator Spot Duo
  4. Do They Make Built-In Wireless DMX Lights?
  5. What is a "common" scanner?
  6. Martin MX 1s and MX4s or others? New Setup Your Input...
  7. Moving Head Spawned by Satan Himself!
  8. Any DJforums reviews on the Chauvet Colorband Pix Effect Light?
  9. Truss, what is a good average price?
  10. New fixtures, Mini Kintas
  11. Projector request
  12. "Mobile" DJ Lighting
  13. American DJ Matrix LED Panel Review!
  14. Has anybody ordered from the company KPO DJ?
  15. Whats this BLIZZARD lighting Power 3pin Plug bigger than an XLR connection called?
  16. Base Plates
  17. lighting seems boring, in need for a little pop for my light rig, need advice........
  18. Geni Spinmaster 3 issue
  19. Deselecting fixture
  20. Weekend gig pic
  21. Weekend Gig
  22. stage ape lights and speaker cables ?
  23. DJs! I need your help!
  24. adding to my lighting...advice?
  25. Minimum wattage lighting for large events?
  26. Sneak peak
  27. Wedding in two weeks. Do I really need lights?
  28. Blizzard Weather System...
  29. Venue or Chauvet 64 Par LED light?
  30. Beginner lighting setup
  31. how to mount a light on a 15ft Totem?
  32. Looking to spend about $1,000 on lighting...Ideas please.
  33. new white led pars
  34. Please Rate this setup before I purchase
  35. Cant decide: Chauvet intimidator 450 vs Elation e spot II
  36. DIY light fixes/mods
  37. Spliitting Video Source To Multiple TV's (32)
  38. Bug on screen
  39. How many heads for a 25x25 box? My dmx and 6 or 12" steel truss by cheaplights.com?
  40. zoom manufactoring
  41. DMX software review - Venumagic AV
  42. Pilot 2000 or pc?
  43. [Advice Request] Stand/Wall Mount/Other for Lighting
  44. how about a DMX controller designed especially for DJs !!
  45. DJ Rig
  46. Can you powerlink 2 different chauvet lights?
  47. Making colors on Puck RGBW
  48. ADJ Wifly Par QA5 Wireless LED
  49. New VJ software "Videoweave"
  50. Feather in my cap
  51. mager help needed with dmx software
  52. My Mobile Light Rig
  53. Massive Pickle
  54. Ordering Gobo to use in Chauvet Intumidator LED spot 350
  55. trussing recommendations?
  56. Effect Lighting Opinions
  57. Light stands / column advice
  58. American DJ (ADJ) Quad Phase HP
  59. [Help]Chauvet Scorpion GBC 2.0
  60. My office today
  61. ADJ WiFLY Tx/Rx Review
  62. ADJ Matrix Beam LED Review & demo!!!
  63. WiFLY RGBW8C Review!
  64. Lights & SFX Equipment Required for Party
  65. A software for lighting control...
  66. Wash lighting from overhead truss, Strips or PARs?
  67. What are these?
  68. VJing w/ Short-Throw Projectors?
  69. speaker buzzing from dmx can lights
  70. ADJ LED UV GO - battery powered blacklight UV LED light review
  71. Watch out.... JACK
  72. ADJ InnoSpot LED Review | 50W LED Moving head
  73. Free copy of my MBLV Seminar!
  74. Pattern ceiling wash
  75. What lighting is this displaying company logo?
  76. DMX Board
  77. ADJ Freq Matrix in-depth review!
  78. Are X-Laser Sapphire Skywriter RGB's in demand?
  79. American DJ Mega Par Profile Led
  80. Fogger advice
  81. New lighting controller
  82. Does anyone use blacklights anymore?
  83. a light or lazer which projects Text on wall ?
  84. DMX Controlled Relay/Switch
  85. Wedding Setup looking for upgrade
  86. foam for diy light cases?
  87. Can I programme my lights?
  88. Lighting Products From ADJ
  89. Took the setup out for a spin last night!
  90. Newest PAR Ligts. Which to buy?
  91. Lights From China
  92. I built 20 of these today
  93. Upgrading?
  94. Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150 DMX sound active problem
  95. Looking for some input on some lights
  96. Basic questions about DMX controllers and MagicQ
  97. Martin SCX700 Jerky movement
  98. New Market Light Stands. Who Sells These?
  99. Moving to Software based DMX Control - External Wing?
  100. Ice fogger dry ice etc how what
  101. Rubbish eBay/Chinese Lights
  102. Starball alternative?
  103. Starting to plan and purchase
  104. Good mornings work
  105. Chauvet 4Bar Tri OR Blizzard Lighting Weather System?
  106. Duplicate aurora borealis
  107. Training day
  108. Did I get a bad light or am I in need of some knowledge?
  109. Blizzard Wallflower
  110. Introducting the Torrent X Ray
  111. Hemisphere ok for mirror ball effect?
  112. Please suggest some lights for me...
  113. First wedding gobo
  114. Showxpress vs. Elation Compushow
  115. GTA Truss Cover Pro Review
  116. The best laptop skin I've used!
  117. Fog and/or Hazer recommendations?
  118. Chauvet Intimidator Spot 350 Brightness
  119. Help! Choosing between chauvet spot 150 or adj spot led.
  120. Light rig complete!
  121. Lazer or Laser either way time for something new
  122. Case for Elation Midicon
  123. Moving Heads under $1000 Chauvet ADJ Blizzard PR Elation Martin Vari Clay
  124. Using moving head for custom gobo questions...
  125. Emails
  126. New Toys: ADJ Tri-Par 7X
  127. please recommend me a webcam to film vinyl sets
  128. Manual focus feature on Intimdator Spot LED 350
  129. Global Truss Base Plate Thickness
  130. $1000 Moving heads Chauvet Intimidator spot 350 vs American DJ Vizi Spot LED PRO
  131. question about stands...
  132. [HELP] Need some recommendations for a beginner's lighting.
  133. Review: ADJ Flat-Par Tri7X
  134. Help me select my first few lights
  135. Uplighting questions....freedom pars
  136. DMX Options [sigh]
  137. Chauvet COREbar 4??
  138. Wireless Remote only $13 for cheap foggers
  139. L.A. Smog Fog Juice Review
  140. Safe or undsafe
  141. Antari Z-350 Hazer
  142. Looking for "true" white LED's
  143. Last nights lighting
  144. Just looking for a little advice here
  145. Martin Roboscan 804?
  146. Guest was annoyed at me yet it was a compliment
  147. 2 Moving Heads + Easy DMX Control
  148. Lexlighting's Lex Icon Bar
  149. 4 Martin SCX500 and 2 Chauvet q-Scan 250 for $600!
  150. Artist's Rider, Listed Show for 16,000K?
  151. Chauvet Q Spot 152
  152. Strobe light with syncopation option?
  153. Blacklight Options
  154. picked up a revo4 and h2o led yesterday. ..
  155. Has anyone tried this very small moving head?
  156. New clamp from Global Truss!
  157. LED Gobo Projectors - What Do You Suggest?
  158. Disco Time - Disco Style Music Visualizer Android App
  159. How many effects lights and moving heads.....
  160. Programming Ideas
  161. Chauvet Colorstrip or ADJ Mega Panel led
  162. Vintage Edison Lighting
  163. 2000 watt dimmers
  164. Check this out.
  165. Smoke Machine Fluid?
  166. Setting the address on a Chauvet Obey 70 for Stagg moving heads
  167. Nice home lights
  168. Halloween House Party with Circus mini review
  169. New Additions....
  170. Need Wash Lighting
  171. Contest--- iPad Giveaway!!
  172. Handed down some old lights...safety question.
  173. How many times can you split a DMX signal?
  174. after a laser
  175. Accessing Built In Modes via DMX
  176. New and Disappointed
  177. Odyssey Light Columns - any reviews?
  178. What to buy on a 2K budget
  179. Scanners vs Spots
  180. need help with dmx controller - maybe
  181. buying an inexpensive touch screen laptop for DMX software
  182. Where to place hazer?
  183. Custom Steel Gobo
  184. Need help choosing a dongle!
  185. Odd dmx chain behavior, help!
  186. Martin Punisher for 80 dollars?
  187. New to DMX controller
  188. New VJSOUNDMETER sound visualizer software tool
  189. How is this truss connection made?
  190. Just bought a new light
  191. Global Truss clamp used for LCD
  192. Eternal Lighting Rebate.
  193. Old antari Z300 Fazer (slow Fogger with a fan attached)
  194. Chauvet Swarm 5 FX
  195. DMX controllable moonflowers??
  196. Chauvet Trident Issue - my own stupid fault!!
  197. Lights that allow you to trigger sound active via DMX?
  198. What are the latest lights?
  199. Good week.
  200. Install started today.
  201. American DJ Ruby Royal Red or American DJ Matrix Beam LED?
  202. Beginner DMX
  203. Wash Lighting Opinions
  204. Looking to put together a complete new lighting setup - Help me out!
  205. Video installation
  206. Club install help
  207. Slow Dance light suggestions
  208. LED Lighting Certifications?
  209. C02 Canon
  210. 118th Holly Ball
  211. Light Controller Help
  212. Truss options - Chauvet Trusst Goal Post kit?
  213. FLUID DIY Bubble SnowIs it hard to save some $$
  214. I need help with setting up 6 Chauvet Intimidator 350...
  215. How to pack a road case
  216. How hard is DMX programming with a controller?
  217. Lighting stand hardware question
  218. Using video projector to project monograms.
  219. Elation B Stock gear
  220. Wall washing, which one to get on a budget?
  221. Can someone help me identify this lighting style? LED Strip? Panel? Picture
  222. Chauvet 4 Bar Issue - Dodgy Connector affecting 1 light?
  223. Xpress 512 keeps loosing PC LINK
  224. Open Air Style Photo Booth - Help with Shadows
  225. Dimmer Question
  226. Chauvet ColorPalette--->>(Daisy chaining)power output socket??? Where???Am I blind???
  227. Beginner's Question About Wireless DMX
  228. Best ways to use sound active mode on Chauvet EZMiN Laser FX?
  229. Disney Light show
  230. Chinese laser projector.
  231. Can someone please explain "GOBO Indexing" ?
  232. This a lawsuit waiting to happen?
  233. Single Wash? ADJ Dotz Flood?
  234. Monogram projection
  235. Lightcaster/Wicicle Losing Signal
  236. Best Base Plates for Goal Post
  237. DMX LED Strobe Reccomendation?
  238. ADJ Fusion Scanners can i replace 250W halogen with an LED globe?
  239. ADJ Flat Par Tri 7X's or Blizzard Puck 3NX's
  240. Blizzard Pixel Storm for Show Xpress
  241. Lasers
  242. Scanner for custom acetate gobos
  243. In the Market For Martin PR1 Projector
  244. Midi + DMX in ShowXpress
  245. Gig This Past Friday- Lot's of Truss, Good Lighting, Decent PA
  246. Surface Pro 2 - to take the plunge?
  247. Need Moving Head with Gobo purchasing advice
  248. LED Par Can Question?
  249. UV Lighting
  250. Amplifying weak VGA signal?