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  1. Small Monitors
  2. Larger monitors or add a sub?
  3. My EV ETX-18SP review
  4. Redback....blue light
  5. Speaker help?!?!?!?!?!?
  6. Why do people built their own speakers?
  7. KRK Rockit 8 - Best Bang For The Buck?
  8. Time to loose weight
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. Sound issues with KRK Rokit 6
  11. Behringer MS-40
  12. Bassboss Monitor
  13. Should I buy cheap monitors?
  14. WIRELESS SPEAKER Solutions. Are we there yet?
  15. Behringer B1800HP - any reviews
  16. Better active speaker?
  17. Yorkville LS720P
  18. Wireless systems
  19. BFI Speakers from the 80's
  20. Mackie Thump TH-12a Powered Speakers - Any Good?
  21. Al's Samson Expedition XP115A active speaker review
  22. JBL PRX612M vs PRX712 (o rPRX712S) What does the "S" indicate
  23. Used QSC KW181 deal or no deal
  24. Mounting Column Arrays
  25. Bi Wire Question
  26. QSC KW181 or JBL PRX718XLF ? or cheaper EV ELX118P
  27. New Pk Klarity or Function One ??
  28. Monitors for bedroom mixing
  29. Looking to purchase..
  30. seismic audio
  31. alto professional speakers
  32. used mackie thumps
  33. woofer upgrades
  34. behringer eurolive B1220 pro
  35. Is this the future of PA gear?
  36. Need speakers for party system. Suggestions?
  37. active sub, passive tops
  38. Questioning what to do for subs
  39. QTX QRC12A discontinued ?
  40. curious to get some ideas
  41. Why??
  42. build custom subwoofers
  43. JBL PRX800 series
  44. I Need Speaker Suggestions!?
  45. Loudest & Lightest PA speakers
  46. DJ Forums virus?
  47. Home Speaker Help
  48. Speaker Setup/Configuration
  49. Different set up
  50. What are your favourite speakers!
  51. Electrovoice EKX
  52. SUB advice needed
  53. Help setting up a one sub two top config
  54. DBX Venu360
  55. Advice on Best Subwoofer <$2000
  56. Incredibly awful buzzing noise
  57. Need quick advice for sub
  58. Anyone have this problem with a powered speaker?
  59. Spakers to mixer.
  60. Peavey 4bx black widow Vs Kustom Kpc215
  61. Review on the world's cheapest studio speakers, the Monoprice Studio Monitors
  62. Alto 12" vs Mackie Thump 12"
  63. Cerwin vega B-36a subwoofer upgrades?
  64. Home Audio Ohms Hook Up Question
  65. QSC GX5 for 400W Speakers
  66. Speaker reccomendation
  67. Does anybody know if it's possible to change my wiring plugs?
  68. another diy top design
  69. Evox 8s or keep my K12s over over K-Subs
  70. WHEN, does the size of the driver have significance? Particularly tops.
  71. Mono signal on sub
  72. electro-voice ekx-18sp review
  73. Amp for bedroom studio monitors
  74. Bringing the Party/fun home more HI-FI than DJ MODERATOR please relocate if needed
  75. quick question
  76. What's the best sound system you have heard?
  77. Mr. Nightro was right!
  78. RCF 718AS vs JBL PRX718XLF Anyone?
  79. How important is "loud" to you?
  80. For Anyone having Thermal Problems with PRX600 series.......
  81. Malone Auna PW-EV-15A as budget speaker?
  82. One or more of you guys should make a sticky thread about...
  83. B52 Speaker sub upgrade
  84. B52 speaker swap
  85. Please help deciding between these 10" PAs
  86. Not Another Speaker Recommendation Thread...
  87. RCF Evox 8
  88. JBL SRX 800 Series
  89. My PA Speakers have no low end whatsoever. HELP!
  90. JBL STX 800 Series
  91. To Bi-amp, or Not to Bi-amp, that is the question???
  92. Potential New Project
  93. All new JBL VTX-V25-PULSE
  94. Passive subs - any recommendations
  95. behringer iNUKE DSP amplifers
  96. EV etx 35p
  97. Coupling subwoofer or buying a more powerful ?
  98. Opinions on PA systems for 1000-2000 people?
  99. Active Speaker DSP's and crossover freq's...???
  100. Difference between Band-pass subwoofer and ported ? (Is one better for outside event)
  101. EV ELX112P and ZLX112P
  102. big out door college campus lawn
  103. JBL PRX715 XLF Review
  104. Yamaha DBL12
  105. What set-up do I need?
  106. Introducing ENVOi from Denon
  107. Speaker recommendation (factoring everything in)
  108. Yorkville PSA2s review
  109. Unbalanced pair of QSC speaker what happened?
  110. A subwoofer embryo in my house!
  111. Speaker positioning, dispersion differences?
  112. Psychoacoustics or Hard Science
  113. Is there a way to make an amp idiot proof? (avoid threat of clipping)
  114. EV Ekx
  115. strange subwoofer
  116. How good is the Behringer B215D?
  117. moved to a new place, and bookshelf speakers have lost all of their bass!
  118. 3 Possible Systems
  119. Polarity / Non-polarity / grounding Question - HeLp Stuck in Japan.
  120. Electro Voice Tour X 18" Subwoofer bridged with QSC RMX1850HD ?
  121. Using the Driverack PA+ (FBM's thread)
  122. (semi-)Profesional opinion needen :)
  123. Studio monitors: help needed
  124. Renting speakers for small party, need advice.
  125. Need help! RCA vs XLR
  126. Sub for house parties and smaller events
  127. How much would you pay for a pair of italian srm 450s?
  128. Do you know this company?
  129. Need help choosing active speakers for home system
  130. DXR vs EKX
  131. School dinner dance, K12's enough?
  132. sub options for practice studio setup
  133. Need opinions
  134. Opinion Needed About 2 Way Systems vs 3 Way Systems (not counting subs)
  135. Bad DJ habits
  136. It's been a while. New purchase
  137. EV ZLX 112P or Peavey PVXP 12?
  138. Yamaha DBR10 vs RCF ART 310-A MK III
  139. Passive system on a budget
  140. line array questions
  141. 7:30 AM load in tomorrow.
  142. Ideas for changing my current speakers
  143. Help - Broken Alto TS112A
  144. for traditional amp rack users--this is awesome
  145. Review on LS801P?
  146. Inuke NU4-6000 opinions needed
  147. I need a sound engineer and sound system in San Antonio, Texas
  148. Reduce "ss" frequency's that can be annoying
  149. Following on the ls801p review
  150. Upgrade from EV SXA100+ to ETX-12P speakers
  151. RCA cable help
  152. Speaker grill question
  154. Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III for speakers
  155. HELP, ganging 8 speakers together
  156. What I did this weekend...
  157. SUBS: JBL PRX 718XLF or EV EKX 189SP or RCF ART 718AS?
  158. QSC HPR181i and QSC HPR122i
  159. Rcf evox 12!
  160. Yorkville psa1s double 12" sub
  161. I wanna build sound system
  162. Al's Yorkville NX10C active speaker review Part 1
  163. New church install
  164. quad 15 subwoofers
  165. Comparing the psa1s vs ls720p
  166. Yamaha Dsr115 vs Jbl Prx715
  167. Fender Passport 550 - terrible!!
  168. Keep my DXS12 or go another route?
  169. PA System Advice HK Audio or Yamaha
  170. Just out of pure curiosity for all speaker!
  171. A good Pair of Passives ANY & ANY device well received
  172. First set of monitors and USB DAC.
  173. JBL SRX 4719 subs - great deal?
  174. speakers stolen, advice on getting new ones
  175. Yamaha CBR 15's
  176. TECHNICS SB-F1 MKII. What are they good for?
  177. Large Outdoor Event
  178. Drivers in various JBL Subwoofers
  179. Big Upgrade + Need start karaoke gear
  180. Is this a good price for Numark NPM5s?
  181. LOVING MY QSC KW 153's!
  182. Studio r amps, brazil
  183. Added some subs for some of my smaller weddings/events..
  184. Powered monitors picking up cracks and pops - help
  185. Adkins Pro Audio- WTF???
  186. Part 2 of Al's Yorkville NX10C active speaker review
  187. EKX 15P or JBL PRX715 ?
  188. Just brought a Yamaha DXR 8
  189. Help Choosing Setup
  190. Decent Yet Affordable Speaker Setup (Is Rockville Worth It)
  191. Function-One Speaker Systems Have you played or heard this gear in action
  192. Speakers Question
  193. Sub turning off by itself
  194. Qsc kw181 plate amp on any other subwoofer
  195. First gig with new mixer
  196. Question yorkville ps15p
  197. Yamaha'S DXS 15 or EV's ELX118P?
  198. EV ETX Experience At My Event
  199. Solar powered system?
  200. Bandpass subs - what & where can/ are these used
  201. Budget solutions that are not Behrinneger? small Sporting club
  202. DIY Amp
  203. XLR cables, Which one?
  204. Behringer B112D or Mackie Thump 12?
  205. KRK conflicting advice
  206. Sub recommendations - to allow a bit of extra volume (not excessive bass!)
  207. Yorkville exm 400?
  208. QSC KW152 vs. JBL PRX715
  209. plx1602
  210. Nice! Check the yamaha DXS18
  211. Crown XLS 402 in Fault Mode
  212. rcf 201-1mp-350l
  213. Another wireless speaker rant
  214. Whats the chances? I made a suggestion to a major DJ supplier
  215. Thoughts and suggestions
  216. Connecting one PA speaker to a Traktor S2 main output
  217. Setting up another speaker a monitor/booth which is the right way
  218. help with kw 181
  219. Two Tops or 4 tops
  220. Speaker Setup Sufficient for High School Dance?
  221. I just fell in love with JBL
  222. Bay Seafood Festival
  223. speaker limiters
  224. Active VS Passive & Live Sound Signal Processing...???
  225. Xr18
  226. Seismic Audio 15" PA DJ PRO AUDIO Speakers and home stereo
  227. Behringer Subwoofer
  228. Yamaha DBR12 vs EV ZLX12P vs EV ELX112P
  229. Proper Sound Setup
  230. Spirally Wound Sound System
  231. Powered Speakers? Hmm..
  232. Budget Active Sub - Behringer B1800HP with Turbosound Driver
  233. Turbosound Milan18B - any reviews or users
  234. QSC K12 or EV EKX-12P
  235. RCF ART 710a inputs
  236. Another speaker question
  237. Living room speaker setup for small house parties/casual DJing
  238. Adding a sub
  239. Small room with an 8" driver subwoofer
  240. Ho Hum
  241. Community-iBox Dual Subwoofer
  242. Studio Monitors $500 price range lots out there but something thats OK
  243. Sunday's office
  244. Budget active sub for small gigs +/-60-80 dancing
  245. EV's EKX vs ETX
  246. Your opinions on the JBL JRX218S?
  247. DXR12, K12 or ETX12?
  248. Nexo PS8 speakers & Nexo LS400 analogue TD controller
  249. What diff do subs make (a measured test!)
  250. Dual vs single subwoofers....????