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  1. Lets the Battles begin
  2. HOW TO BATTLE - The Rules
  3. Calling out Hausgeist; Polka Battle
  4. Calling out: anyone for whatever
  5. Bass Music battle (was pretty much happening before we DJF went down)
  6. Producer Battle?
  7. The official retro-rave music production battle!
  8. Calling out: Mashup DJs
  9. Calling Out: Almost whatever - inquire within
  10. Calling out: Drum & Bass battle(VINYL ONLY)
  11. Calling out: Techno Battle
  12. country music ne1?
  13. Calling out: Pontus for production battle
  14. Battle Voting OPEN FOR VOTING: JuxtaPoser vs LeFresh - Baltimore Club Battle
  15. Baltimore / jersey club battle
  16. Calling Out: Funky Bass Driven House Battle
  17. Calling out ODD FUTURE scratch battle!!! =D
  18. Calling Out - SAGMA!!! Multi-Genre Top 40 CLUB DJ Battle
  19. House + Electro Battle
  20. Calling out: Latin Battle
  21. The DJF Thre3style Tournament
  22. Battle Voting Ellissentials vs de.j.l - Techno Battle
  23. Battle Voting Techno Battle: BuddyUK vs Monomer
  24. Calling Out: Mainstream Peak Hour Club Battle
  25. Battle Voting The Baxter vs aceBTH - House Battle
  26. Battle Voting Ellissentials‎ vs Rick_N - Breaks & House battle
  27. Battle Voting DJ Riddims vs djrootz vs monkeystyle - 3 way Dancehall / Reggae Battle
  28. Battle Voting Pontus vs DJCirKutciscion vs Scottie the goonie - 3 way Odd Future scratch battle
  29. Battle Voting Tech, deep, House Battle - Kevin James vs Jon Avalon
  30. Battle Voting Reggae club Battle: DJ- Evo vs dlove
  31. Battle Voting Trance Battle - ChrisHynds vs Sedna
  32. Battle Voting 3 way Old school hip-hop battle - DJFlomatic vs DJRootz vs Austin GoGreen
  33. Battle Voting House + Electro Mini tourney - Funkyfader vs DJArmani
  34. Battle Voting House + Electro Mini tourney - Smallz vs aceBTH
  35. Battle Voting House + Electro Mini tourney - JordanClayton vs Zakalak
  36. WE NEED YOUR HELP: Battle Mix Server Donations
  37. Battle Voting House Battle - Matuli vs Finnish_Fox
  38. Battle Voting 3 way Trance Battle - tekno_violet vs Synergy vs EuroRSN
  39. Calling Out: RDRCK - 80s/Freestyle/Disco Battle
  43. CALLING OUT: Under 6 months djing scratch battle
  44. a couple of thoughts about battling
  45. Battle Voting 3 way Beginner/Intermediate Scratch battle - HyeToTheSky vs Rick_N vs DJ CirKutCision
  46. Calling Out: Thr3style type battle
  47. Suggestion for battle thread poll names
  48. Battle Voting 100-120 BPM Battle: The Baxter vs ilya
  49. Battle Voting Taking on everyone!
  50. Battle Voting House + Electro Mini tourney FINAL: Smallz vs Funkyfader vs Clayton
  51. CALLING OUT: 5 Minute EDM Mega Mix (Beginner/intermediate)
  52. Battle Voting Hardcore Battle: DJLukewathey vs Shepe
  53. Battle Voting UK Bass battle: Subprime vs DJWhoQE
  54. Calling out: 30 minute trance battle
  55. Battle Voting 3 way Trance Battle - Xzentric vs DCDALE vs DMG
  56. Battle Voting 3 way Deep House Battle: Finnish_Fox vs Spife vs MCake
  57. DJF 3Style continuation...
  58. Calling out CHRIS HYNDS....
  59. Battle Voting Progressive/Electro House Battle: Gareth vs Kickassdj25
  60. Battle Voting Electro house/Prog Intermediate Festival Mix: Hoff vs Funkyfader vs Ness
  61. Calling out Hip Hop Battle
  62. CALLING OUT: Hip-HOUSE battle
  63. calling out Wu-Tang SCRATCH BATTLE!! no battle records allowed
  64. CALLING OUT: House mix 15-25 min
  65. Battle Voting TRAP Muzik (Hip Hop) Battle: Austin GoGreen vs J. Overcash
  66. Battle Voting Tech House Battle: prOducer vs dj daywalker
  67. CALLING OUT: Dubstep/Hip-Hop Mix (20-25 min) (Beginner-Intermediate)
  68. Callin' out! Scratch battle! Any beat 1.5-2 min, thee sample max!
  69. Battle Voting 3 way House Battle - Spife vs Buddy McKarthur vs Pr0Ducer
  70. Calling Out: Progressive/Electro House Battle (Intermediate)
  71. Battle Voting 3 Way Ultra Music Festival battle - DJ SB vs Kingbob182 vs Gnozis
  72. Calling out: 3 deck Drum & Bass mix
  73. Battle Voting Hoff vs G-Sep - Bassy Tech / Deep Battle
  74. Calling out: Atomisk
  75. attention admin- battle forum website query
  76. Battle Voting LeFresh vs Baxter: Moombahton Battle
  77. Battle Voting DMG vs Decebal: Trance & Progressive Battle
  78. CALLING OUT: Happy Hardcore mix 10-15 minutes
  79. Calling out: progressive house battle
  80. CALLING OUT: Showcase Battle 20+ min
  81. CALLING OUT: 15-20 min Hardcore Battle
  82. Battle Voting Progressive/Electro House Battle - DJ Armani vs DJ Daywalker vs Eleong
  83. Calling out: Deadmau5
  84. Battle Voting Pr0Ducer vs The Baxter: Tech House Battle
  85. Anyone want to battle?Any Genre(Beginer)
  86. Caling out: cheer mix anyone?
  87. Calling out: producers who wanna try something small and fun
  88. Calling Out: Top 40/Electro Battle
  89. Callin Out Rookie Scratch Battle
  90. Battle Voting Mr. Smashy vs G-Sep: DnB Battle
  91. Battle Voting RikkiGTR vs AbeLinkon: Trance Battle
  92. Calling out: 20-40 min hardcore mix
  93. Battle Voting Breaks Battle: Synergy vs djlotus
  94. Calling out: tech house/techno battle
  95. Battle Voting Producer battle - Rek Aviles vs Mrspydaman
  96. Battle Voting Producer battle - Hygro vs Funkyfader
  97. CALLING OUT: Hardstyle Battle
  98. Calling out: 15-30 min hardcore battle
  99. Battle Voting DnB Battle: DeltaV vs Matuli
  100. Calling out: BuddyUK
  101. Calling Out: House / Progressive Battle
  102. Battle Voting Jungle Battle: BuddyUK vs Mr.Smashy
  103. Battle Voting Progressive House battle: Recess vs Ness vs KickassDJ25
  104. Calling out: Beginner House / Deep House Battle
  105. Battle Voting [Final] Producer battle - Funkyfader vs Rek Aviles
  106. Working on an upload script to replace the current one being used.
  107. Battle Voting Rookie Scratch Battle: DJ Armani vs DJ Riddims
  108. Battle Voting Tribal House Battle 2.0: DennisBdrmDJ vs Rek Aviles
  109. Battle Voting Dubstep Battle: TheRabbitMonk vs Coley
  110. Calling out: Intermediate Top 40/Electro Battle
  111. Battle Voting Drum & Bass Battle: Dantron vs Ness
  112. Calling Out: Deinfamous, 3 deck Drum & Bass battle.
  113. Calling Out: Rock Battle
  114. Calling Out: ROOKIE Scratch/Juggle Battle
  115. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2012 (ROUND 1): ChrisHynds vs Ellissentials !
  116. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2012 (ROUND 1): Tektonix vs Ohmega !
  117. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2012 (ROUND 1): G-Sep-vs-DeltaV !
  118. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2012 (ROUND 1): Complex.ity vs n0ah !
  119. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2012 (ROUND 1): RikkiGTR vs Login !
  120. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2012 (ROUND 1): M!TCH vs Tekno Violet !
  121. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2012 (ROUND 1): Nutty vs JackStalk !
  122. Battle Voting hoff vs Ben Mills vs gr2daover vs DougMore: 4 way Deep House Battle
  123. Calling Out: Underground Deep House/Dub/Detroit Techno
  124. Battle Voting TheRabbitMonk vs Dj_4-$hure vs DJArmani - 3 way scratch/juggle Battle
  125. Calling out 1-1 Battle: Progressive/Electro House
  126. Battle Voting AYoo vs Conrad Launerts - Hood/Trap Rap Battle
  127. Battle Voting AYoo vs DJ Dman vs DJ CirKutCision - INTERMEDIATE Scratch battle
  128. Battle Voting DJArmani vs LeFresh - Baltimore Club Battle
  129. Battle Voting dlove vs TheRabbitMonk - Real Dub/Dubstep Battle
  130. Calling Out: Progressive House battle
  131. Battle Voting LeFresh vs Tektonix - EDM Trap Battle
  132. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney '12: Ellissentials-vs-RikkiGTR
  133. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney '12: tekno_violet-vs-N0ah
  134. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney '12: DeltaV-vs-JackStalk
  135. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney '12: sedna-vs-ohmega
  136. Battle Voting Kyle133 vs DJ-Veaux - Rookie progressive/electro house battle
  137. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney '12: Delta V-vs-Ellissentials
  138. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney '12: Sedna-vs-JackStalk
  139. Calling Out 1-1 Progressive House Battle
  140. Battle Voting Rookie Scratch Battle: DJ Armani vs Baller95
  141. Calling Out : Trance and Psychedelic Trance Battle[Rookie]
  142. Battle idea
  143. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney '12: Sedna vs Delta V - FINAL ROUND
  144. Urban Dance battle
  145. Calling Out: Electro House Battle
  146. Battle Voting KLH vs DJ Nada vs Baller95 - EPIC NYE Mix Battle
  147. Battle Voting KLH vs djbroray vs Baller95 - New Years Day Battle
  148. CALLING OUT - Afterhour "we-ain't-never-gonna-let-the-night-stop" Mix.
  149. Battle Voting The Blackest vs mcake - Drum & Bass Battle
  150. Battle Voting DJArmani vs xs2man vs Funkyfader - Intermediate Electro, Prog House Battle
  151. Battle Voting jz416 vs MODZ vs Rgolds vs Clayton - Electro House Battle
  152. Calling out Windows 3.1 / Cheap Charlie
  153. Calling Out: BuddyUK for JUNGLIST SOUND TEST
  154. Battle Voting xs2man vs Ben Mills vs DJ Difficult - Deep House battle
  155. Calling Out: Deep House/Electro/Progressive/House Battle
  156. Battle Voting Ben Mills vs xs2man - Deep Progressive Battle
  157. Battle Voting ChrisHynds vs Delta V - Deep Progressive Battle
  158. Battle Voting 215 trees -vs- DwooD - Rock AND Roll Battle
  159. Battle Voting CamDaze vs Dj broray - Classic House (93-97) Battle
  160. Battle Voting Johnny Bertone vs Akswun vs Funkyfader vs LeFresh - Trap Battle
  161. Battle Voting Hoff vs Rad - Dark vibe dub / Dubstep Battle
  162. Calling Out: Ben Mills - Deep Prog Vinyl Battle - Mini Tournament Final
  163. Battle Voting DJ Broray vs DJ Riddims vs Baller95 vs Novadnb2 - Top 40/House Battle
  164. Battle Voting DJ Armani vs Baller95 vs CountElectrifique - Top 40/House Battle
  165. New uploading procedures
  166. Battle Voting DJ Difficult vs xs2man vs DJFabianArndt - Deep House Battle
  167. Calling out : Drum & Bass :)
  168. Battle Voting Baller95 vs Eric_Brian - Wild 5 minute quick mix battle
  169. Battle Voting Funkyfader, CountElectrfique, Mr Ragz, DJArmani, Blue Shoes - Electro House Battle
  170. Calling out: Battle of the best of 2008
  171. CALLING OUT: 1 v 1 Dubstep Battle?
  172. Calling Out: Dubstep (or similar) Sync Battle!
  173. Battle Voting Marco Bass vs xs2man - Techno/Tech House Battle
  174. Battle Voting streetspirit vs DJ Rezman vs MODZ - Dubstep Battle
  175. Battle Voting MODZ vs Streetspirit - DNB Battle
  176. CALLING OUT: Electro House/Dirty Dutch: Rematch
  177. Battle Voting Eric.Brian vs BOWNSIR - Scratch Battle
  178. Battle Voting Subprime vs xs2man vs Griff- House/Techno/UK PURE Battle
  179. Calling Out: Advanced Scratch Battle
  180. Battle Voting Marco Bass vs Baller95 vs DJ Armani - Commercial Battle
  181. Calling out: House battle
  182. Battle Voting DJ Tectonix vs Dubphyte - Quick Dupstep Battle
  183. Dubstep Battle...Anything goes
  184. Battle Voting streetspirit vs MODZ vs DougMore - House Battle
  185. Electro House Battle?
  186. CALLING OUT!!! Electro House Battle?
  187. Calling Out - ACID JAZZ Battle
  188. Battle Voting Blue Shoes vs funkyfader vs countelectrifique - Electro House/Dirty Dutch (Rematch)
  189. Battle Voting kyle133 vs zafire vs clayton - Big Room House Battle
  191. Battle Voting DJ Tectonix vs CountElectrfique - Electro House Battle
  192. Calling out: melodic minimal battle
  193. Calling out: Tektonix for a UK Hardcore battle
  194. Battle Voting hoff vs xs2man - melodic minimal battle
  195. Battle Voting Baller95 vs DJ Climaxxx vs LeFresh - 10 min Top 40 battle
  196. Battle Voting DJ Difficult vs xs2man vs Rad vs DougMore - Deep/Tech House VINYL battle
  197. calling out: driving techno
  198. Battle Voting DJ Douche vs DJ Homo vs DJ Slapper - Epic Mix Off Battle
  199. Calling Out: Intermediate Scratch Battle
  200. Battle Voting Funkyfader vs Blue Shoes - Melbourne Bounce Battle
  201. Battle Voting jz416 vs Doug More - Electro House Battle
  202. Battle Voting hoff vs Catch22 - Driving Techno Battle
  203. Calling Out - Beginners Battle
  204. suggestion for battles
  205. Battle Voting Eric Brian vs Countelectrfique vs DJ Difficult - Open Format Jam Session
  206. calling out: afterhours trip
  207. Calling Out - ALL Vinyl Mix - Deep digging selectors WANTED
  208. Battle Voting DJ Difficult vs JackStalk vs M!tch - Trance Battle
  209. Battle Voting DJ Veaux vs Funkyfader vs Blue Shoes - Producer battle
  210. Battle Voting Gnozis vs Funkyfader - Trap Battle
  211. Battle Voting cgvince vs Zander James vs DJ Armani vs M!tch - Beginners Battle
  212. Calling Out: Producer battle. Put together you best 'Beatport Top 100 CHEESE' Track
  213. Battle Voting DJ Difficult vs Dougmore vs Skasja - Deep House Battle
  214. Battle Voting M!tch vs DeltaV vs ChrisHynds vs Sedna - Deep Prog/techno Battle
  215. Calling out: Dnb or Dubstep battle
  216. Calling Out: Pounding Techno
  217. Anyone down for Festival style? electro?
  218. Battle Voting Funkyfader vs DJ Veauz vs The Hadgi - Cheese: Producer Battle
  219. How about a warm set battle before the main dj plays.
  220. Battle Voting Funkyfader vs DJ Blanco - Festival style battle
  221. Battle Voting DJA208 vs Baller95 vs DJ-Veaux - Electro House / Prog Battle
  222. Calling Out: French House Revival
  223. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2013: Era7 -vs- M!TCH
  224. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2013: JackStalk-vs-Ignotus
  225. Calling out vinyl only DnB battle
  226. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2013: Delta V -vs- DJ Difficult
  227. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2013: ChrisHynds-vs-Budzak
  228. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2013: Sedna-vs-Deathsupport
  229. Battle Voting Eric.brian -vs- DJArmani - scratch battle
  230. Baltimore / Jersey club battle
  231. Peak Time Battle (Top 40/Dance)
  232. Hour Long Progressive/ Electro House Battle
  233. CALLING OUT: Electro House / Progressive House
  234. Deep House
  235. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2013: ChrisHynds -vs- Ignotus
  236. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2013: Vernski vs Delta
  237. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2013: Tekno Violet -vs- M!tch
  238. Calling Out Advanced Scratch Battle
  239. Calling all mashup artists!
  240. Battle Voting jz416 vs kyle133 vs DJ Difficult - Deep House Battle
  241. Battle Voting DJF Trance Tourney 2013: Vernski -vs- M!TCH -vs- Sedna
  242. Progressive House/Electro House BEFORE 2014 MIX!!!!!!!
  243. Battle Voting Jackstalk vs Baller95 - Top 40 & Electro/Progressive House Battle
  244. Battle Voting Akswun vs TheRabbitMonk - Scratch Battle
  245. Calling Out: Intermediate Scratch
  246. Calling out: trippy, weird and dark techno battle
  247. Vinyl Battle: Describe yourself in 10 songs.
  248. Battle Voting JZ416 vs TheRabbitMonk - Hip Hop Battle
  249. Dubstep Megamix Challenge,
  250. Calling out: funky glitch hop / breaks battle