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  1. poll test
  2. Bugs and issues
  3. New behavior for vb4
  4. Missing smilies
  5. So what else is missing ?
  6. Whats new for 2.0
  7. Tapatalk
  8. For those registered already - pop up notification for PM's
  9. Y MY Avatar NO DANCE?
  10. Can't upload avatar
  11. BUG - Timing Out/Logging Out
  12. disco/italo/cosmicdisco/library music/early electro/synthpop/edits/balearic subforum?
  13. Suggestion for updating music forum & subgenre descriptions
  14. Chat options...
  15. My search took on this new server took...
  16. Why am I the only one here who registered AFTER the re-launch?
  17. I really shouldn't mention it. Oh well.
  18. Limit in posting pictures
  19. Vendor Accounts?
  20. Vip / umf / wmc
  21. VIP Accounts Before the Crash
  22. URL BB code in sigs?
  23. Suggestion - "DJF approved guides" forum section
  24. Facebook
  25. Some BB code that you may or may not find useful
  26. DJF 1.0 "Badge of honor"
  27. New forum for people who are asking us to like their page for a contest
  28. Chat Feedback
  29. signature link??
  30. Too many sticky threads.
  31. Who else thinks that DJF 2.0...
  32. Automatic logout time
  33. Pages not always loading in chrome.
  34. Track submission and production and recording
  35. Giving rep?
  36. Store ? :uhoh:
  37. Give us the ability to buy custom avatars and titles for other users
  38. So I was VIP before djf 2..not anymore! :-(
  39. Missing FWR link on menu
  40. Production Catagory
  41. New Idea, Your Thoughts???
  42. Sorry if repost but...The blue font is too damn light!
  43. How make writing bigger?
  44. Difference between www and non-www
  45. Rather harsh blacklisting
  46. Ability to delete your own posts/replies?
  47. What exactly can I do on this forum?
  48. Pre-crash threads
  49. Image bar?
  50. Sticky Request
  51. For anyone that wants to copy over useful threads from the old site
  52. Battle Mix Section
  53. how do you view your rep now??
  54. How do we delete our posts now?
  55. More smilies to consider..
  56. How do you re-direct..
  57. Electro/Electro-House
  58. Did I do something wrong?
  59. I just want to say this forum is outstanding and gets better all the time.
  60. VIP Avatars are the same size as non-VIPs
  61. Genre prefixes
  62. Rep question
  63. Posting standards
  64. Turn off Tapatalk signatures
  65. RSS feeds turned on for this site?
  66. Is there a reason why my FS thread was deleted?
  67. Embedding a Video from Vimeo
  68. Would like to change my username
  69. What's going on with the Site?
  70. Classifieds section - post restriction inconsistencies (maybe)
  71. Chrome/Firefox Toolbar icon?
  72. Change username / Delete account
  73. Anonymous Voting
  74. Forum Settings Help - I'm a noob
  75. Bring back the favorite track!
  76. How To Contact The Admin or Forum Owner?
  77. problem with a mix i posted
  78. Failed Login Notification on djforums.com
  79. Why can't we change our thread titles?
  80. Why was my post deleted?
  81. 'New Posts' refresh
  82. Can we ban this spammer?
  83. Spam-O-Matic add-on for vBulletin
  84. Is DJF officially "back"?
  85. RSS Feeds?
  86. VIP what happened?
  87. What's New?
  88. blank and unamused
  89. We are a damn friendly site :)
  90. Wait 30 seconds before posting? WHY?
  91. The forbidden question: Exactly how much rep do you have to give before repping again
  92. Can I change my display name?
  93. New posts.
  94. So... Happy 1st Anniversary DJF 2.0!
  95. Faderwave Banner points to stickam link
  96. Any way to limit the creation of polls?
  97. Enable Official.fm embedding support?
  98. Is it possible to "donate" rep?
  99. Why hasn't the Wayback Machine been used to retrieve the old forum posts and reviews?
  100. Does anything in this subsection of the forum ever get acted on?
  101. Upgrade Plans
  102. A couple of suggestions for section changes
  103. cookies on forum server instead of on user's client
  104. Minor suggestion: Default Redirect Expiration at 4hrs?
  105. Requiring "x" amount of posts to post a mix or track submission
  106. Number of posts
  107. mobile skin?
  108. Rep etiquette
  109. Increase the PM inbox size!
  110. Adding a rental subforum to classifieds?
  111. Add spoiler tags
  112. Tapatalk Server Plugin Outdated?
  113. this thread has more than 10 posts - IRRITATING
  114. Anyone notice the rep captions?
  115. Banned Members?
  116. Is this section just a waste of time?
  117. Implementing Soundcloud and Mixcloud icon onto edit bar
  118. The site is sloooooow to load today
  119. Fav track displaying?
  120. ** Site Development Update **
  121. Tapatalk Rep?
  122. DJF has been hacked
  123. I can't see rep
  124. Block Sub-forums From What's New?
  125. Mobile Site?
  126. New tapatalk UI - not quite a fan
  127. Is there a way to erase pictures stored?
  128. How to post pictures?
  129. Anyone buying.....
  130. Username change?
  131. Pressing 'back'
  132. "but is related to djing or electronic music"
  133. Inserting pictures
  134. Starry Starry Night.... Tell me how this star rating system works?
  135. PICTURE not appearing this time?
  136. Chat?
  137. DJF spam is getting worse and worse
  138. Can't access DJF on my iPad due to porn redirect...
  139. Djf
  140. Soundcloud
  141. Redirection to random apps
  142. Do we need the "releases" subsections in the music genres sections?
  143. Any way to possibly get access to post a classified in the for sale forum?
  144. SNAPS to whoever gave me an extra star SEXISM
  145. YES!!! I am bringing it up again. Set a limit prior to submitting Mixes.
  146. Post of the Day
  147. Submissions Areas: Clean up required?
  148. New Requirements for posting in Mix Submissions query
  149. Mix submissions requirements
  150. Server issues?
  151. Rule Clarification Please (on #11)
  152. Regional sub forum expansion
  153. Sub-category for Video mixes
  154. DJF 1.0 archived pages found- Already posted before?
  155. A possible extra to the rep system...
  156. An AwEsOmE idea to fix spammed mixes!!!
  157. What are the rules for posting in Mix Submissions now?
  158. Music Forums
  159. Would this help?
  160. Idea for the battle forum!
  161. Vip ?
  162. Gone?
  163. How was Ocie able to rep me twice on the same hour??
  164. No Specific Video Jockey (VJ) Topic in the Forum
  165. What the f*** Mr Mac ?!?!?!
  166. Is it possible to have Instagram links or Embedded IG photos/videos?
  167. Apology to [O/][iii][\O]
  168. is DJF being hacked?
  169. can't post a mix
  170. Can we have a new sub-forum
  171. where are my rep points located
  172. Visual Simplicity to the modern environment
  173. How do I change username?
  174. Member name use notification?
  175. Embedding the soundcloud player
  176. I think trap is worthy of its own section
  177. The official ideas for DJF thread
  178. "Insert Video" Tab
  179. Getting rid of this BS
  180. Introduction as new site administrator
  181. Why is there an 'a' at the bottom of the forum?
  182. Looking for feedback on Music Genre sections
  183. The Outage on March 18, 2016
  184. This is the saddest Forum around.
  185. The Outage on June 18, 2016
  186. New Mod Expectations
  187. Battle stats
  188. I can see other YouTube videos but not mine?
  189. New Change: DJF Art Promo
  190. Inspired by the DJF Art Promo... DJF member spotlight
  191. DJF Rules (FAQ) Section Updated
  192. attn admin: buttons at top of forums
  193. DJ Forums Calendar
  194. Spammers versus legit members
  195. profile
  196. DJF down on 12/18
  197. Any chance we can fix the SoundCloud player?
  198. Edit post without save function
  199. NEW RULES for the Music Section
  200. Question regarding the «Mix Submissions» thread
  201. DJF is on a push for donations - VIP and Vendor accounts
  202. Sideways Pics...???
  203. New Contests for DJF!
  204. How do I put hotlinks in my signature?
  205. Changed forum settings?
  206. facebook like
  207. New style battle idea
  208. Changement needed in site policy?
  209. New art on DJF!
  210. We need some incentive for voting on battles - at least for new members....
  211. DJF Member of the Month - June 2017
  212. Member of the Month article has moved .....
  213. Cannot reply to threads in Mix Submissions forum?
  214. The Official Ideas For DJF #2
  215. YouTube video posting
  216. did the server have a hiccup a few hours ago
  217. Unable to edit post
  218. Can't submit a mix in the mix forum
  219. BEST OF DJF 2017 Nominations!
  220. DJF was down on January 29, 2018
  221. People who make one post...
  222. The closing of threads
  223. Merging subforums
  224. How can I post my mix
  225. Getting Ideas together - How often do you visit the site?
  226. Looking for a couple of moderators for DJF
  227. redo the rep levels
  228. Reset Rep Levels for 2019 Poll
  229. New DJF section! Track ID subforum in the Music section!
  230. Tapatalk issues?
  231. Forum for stage design ideas?
  232. DJF member fund forum..
  233. Disabled "News" section
  234. DJF was down on November 12, 2019
  235. Image hosting
  236. why thread deleted?
  237. Re-Registered after a few years
  238. Site “not secure”
  239. site slight hiccup 19:00 GMT
  240. DJF was down on Oct 6, 2020
  241. Site "Post Edit" Update
  242. Any plans on updating the Mixcloud player now that Flash is officially discontinued?
  243. Site Flakiness Ahead!