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  1. What type of DJ are you? Strictly digital? Do you spin vinyl records?
  2. DrewDee's Free Advice.. From djf 1.0
  3. Beginners Look Here (Some helpful Videos)
  4. Harmonic Mixing
  5. Going from 2 channel to a 4 channel mixer :D !
  6. Acapella Mixing
  7. Demo CD
  8. Axiom 25 and Tracktor Pro 2
  9. Mixing with out the crossfader
  10. So Mixing Rock .
  11. Upfader vs. Rotary's
  12. Self-Plug: A video tutorial series I'm starting on digital performance techniques!
  13. SCRATCHHEADS: Which technique are you currently working on?!
  14. How often do you practice
  15. What scratch should I learn after the baby scratch?
  16. Scratching
  17. I think it's time for me to bring my DJing to the next level, no idea where to start.
  18. Transitioning from fast, to slow, to back again.
  19. Hardstyle Mixing
  20. Do you use master tempo/key lock?
  21. Scratching on CDJs
  22. What is the best way to mix three songs?
  23. Scratch question - On fader hand techniques
  24. Using Echo and Filter
  25. Advance Tranistions
  26. crab combos
  27. Mixing with IEMs
  28. Dn-cm6000
  29. Mixing Top 40?
  30. Funny DJ Trick (Over 200,000 hits on YouTube)
  31. How do you video tape your mixes?
  32. Pioneer users - Can you explain this trick to me?
  33. Learning the tips of this amazing art
  34. Tips for battle style DJ competition
  35. effective use of 3 or 4 decks
  36. Overcoming muscle memory (scratching)
  37. key lock while scratching
  38. EDM DJs: How did you acquire a style?
  39. recording the timecode signal to a wave file
  40. A few TTM video Tutorials
  41. Create your own breakdowns and build ups
  42. How do change up your BPM's?
  43. Organizing thy music
  44. How long does it take to actually scratch?
  45. Familiarizing yourself with your music.
  46. mixing hiphop without intros
  47. So I got my pair of my Numark TTX now I need DJF's help!!!
  48. Trick mixing in hip-hop (post some videos)
  49. Mixing bass (as in bass eq frequencies)
  50. How to Scratch, Scratching videos!
  51. Dubstep: What Is A Double Drop?
  52. Scratch session critique.
  53. Mixing deep house
  54. Fun little Power Drop Juggle
  55. "Going down" from electro
  56. Running a second DJ program or Laptop
  57. Double time scratching
  58. Mixing on Breakdowns/Buildups (Switching From A to B and Back to A)
  59. Scratching with headphones on
  60. Phase shifting chirp boomerang
  61. How to mix from 128 BPM to 140 then 175 and back to 128
  62. An interesting look into James Zabiela's toys by Pete Tong for BBC Radio1
  63. DJ Camp
  64. MIixng songs with beatless intros
  65. Mixing House/Electro
  66. Tipz on Tearing
  67. I crab sideways
  68. Pivot system
  69. Cueing with Tape
  70. mixing using channel faders advice
  71. using channel faders
  72. Dubstep on Djay iPhone/iPod touch tutorial??
  73. Just had some less than stellar feedback, need more input
  74. DMC style routine, anyone practicing these?
  75. Scratching with CDJs
  76. ways to develope my My Scratching
  77. Questions regarding scratching
  78. Transistion techniques?
  79. Lack of Variety in My Mixing...
  80. Prism scratch tutorial with Q & A session
  81. Using Split/Cue Monitoring With DNB
  82. Help with making scratching techniques smooth.
  83. Need new transitions on a digital setup?
  84. Beatmatching using "one cup in ear" method, i just can't get it right!
  85. Scratching using upfaders
  86. If you could improve one area of you game.....
  87. Name the scratch sample...
  88. acapella scratching around 70-90 bpm
  89. Curious as to see what others are doing and your OP's ..........
  90. To Help You Scratch
  91. The BRRRRR! Effect?
  92. this is how ya do it
  93. A small explanation of phrasing.
  94. Video Mix with one single hand
  95. needle hopping up...
  96. Effects while song transition
  97. faderwork speed
  98. Help me with mah mix
  99. my first scratch vid in 5 years
  100. my mixes seem slow and boring if i dont get high..
  101. developing patterns in scratching
  102. It Is Here! Get Your Dub Turbo Trial And Experience Real Music!
  103. Starting to learn scratching
  104. Tutorial - Making a video version of your mix with images with Windows Movie Maker
  105. How do you use a delay effect?
  106. Trap Mixing/70-140 mixing
  107. DV scratch room - Q&A with other DJs
  108. Cross-Genre Mixing
  109. Harmonic Mixing Survey
  110. Making promo's and mixes for the public
  111. Crossfading into the next song - troubleshooting bpm
  112. Harmonic Mixing made easy (Software Tip)
  113. How do DJs mix drastic BPM differences? (ex. in post)
  114. Your Mix "Journey"
  115. How do I mix chillout/lounge?
  116. Idiots guide to scratching?
  117. Effects and how do you use them.
  118. Scratching in key
  119. Mixing vocal trance not in key
  120. Taking full advantage of DJM800 and CDJ900's
  121. Double ups (chopping) while strobing *ATTENTION ADVANCED TURNTABLIST*
  122. Mixing Hip Hop?
  123. Structuring a mix.
  124. Mixing news/cultural soundbites for year in review?
  125. Critique me, how's my scratching?
  126. performing my work
  127. Weddings
  128. Scratching practice curiosity
  129. Juggling and watching the marker
  130. Telling a story through a mix?
  131. question about customizing tracks for planned routines
  132. my website (scratch tutorials, music, TTM notation etc..)
  133. 2 click Flares (Help)
  134. heuristic - Pivot system & 'Limit what is used most'
  135. What scratch is this?
  136. TTM notation for Digital Vertigo Tutorial 1 - Baby forward and Chirp combos
  137. How is this scratching/intro accomplished? (Hip Hop / frequently heard with radio DJ)
  138. Am I ready to move onto my next phase in scratching?
  139. Having difficulties making a solid mix, feedback please.
  140. Mixing into track with no kick at beginning of phrase + CD Managemenet?
  141. Proper Cue Point Juggling?
  142. Mixing out of songs with non-conventional beat patterns...
  143. How to Mix Pop?
  144. Scratching tips (controller)
  145. Play tracks at 12 or 2 o'clock position for EQs?
  146. Mashups: Recording them live or using software?
  147. Ways to get more creative on the decks
  148. Who invented the disc jockey (DJ) technique of scratching?
  149. Still a Noob but willing to learn [scratching]
  150. How to precisely drop a beat without sync?
  151. question about doing live mashups
  152. is there such a thing as an 8 finger crab?
  153. Scratch Session by Skratch Bastid (random youtube find)
  154. Steady Flow
  155. Problem
  156. Combining scratch patterns/Scratching with the opposite hand
  157. Basic Mixing Styles
  158. Spinback And Deck Power Cut Transitions
  159. The art and practice of set planning.
  160. Incorporating Production Elements into DJing
  161. Is this a good transition from Sweet Shop to Sierra Leone???
  162. Youtube Channel following my scratch progress
  163. Creative mixing - who does it? - like, who REALLY does it?
  164. swaping bass lines
  165. Focusing on different areas of practicing and for how long?
  166. Question on Scratching
  167. Using Loops
  168. Need help with Dubstep/EDM Transitions
  169. chirp (and basic variations) tutorial
  170. Cutting practice
  171. Using your playlist?
  172. Transformer and a few variations tutorial
  173. How to Achieve this Scratch technique w/ Power down
  174. Mixing In Key
  175. Question regarding mixing
  176. The art and practice of set planning. PART 2
  177. 1 click flare (and basic variations) tutorial
  178. Stuck doing the same scratches?
  179. Best way to exhibit a transition???
  180. Scribble 2-Click Flares...
  181. Non dance music mixing
  182. Using CDJ 2000 Nxs to thier best!
  183. Learn to scratch now, or wait for turntables
  184. Doubts on scratch routine planning
  185. Library
  186. DJ Routines?
  187. Core techniques section
  188. How To Make UK Garage 4x4 beat - By Jeremy Sylvester
  189. Scratching Critique.
  190. OG Flare and variations Tutorial
  191. Ableton Live Launchpad Help
  192. What scratch did he used in the clip?
  193. Aware me on the correct process of setting channel gains.
  194. Mixing between different sound qualities?
  195. Newbie needs help with specific sound in a specific clip. Really appreciate for help.
  196. Standard Mixing is getting boring - Thoughts on live mixing (APC + Ableton)
  197. Mixing fast bpm songs into slow bpm song
  198. Is this transition acceptable for a mix i want to promote to my friends.
  199. Scratching while mixing.
  200. Setting cue points
  201. Ableton + APC40 DJs, Lemme Pick Your Brain (Tips and Tricks discussion)
  202. Pioneer DJ Tutorials
  203. do you find samples annoying?
  204. Adjusting pitch range without adjusting the bpm
  205. dynamic playlist or player that can play songs or groups of songs by time of day
  206. Open format - Genre Switch question
  207. The right amount of scratching
  208. best way to use samples
  209. Separating Vocals from Beats
  210. Live PA Freestyling (APC40 + Live)
  211. Cueing for turntablist
  212. Trouble dropping on the one.
  213. Best way to set DJM 900 faders for crab scratching?
  214. Need advice.. How to drop track on build up.
  215. How do you create new set from scratch......
  216. Phrase mixing and looping
  217. Beat Juggle Nose Dive
  218. Live performance set with Maschine
  219. Where can I find a download for a nice long, classic crab scratch "ahhhh" sound
  220. Question for Pioneer CDJ Nexus guys: new KEY feature and playlists
  221. mash up questions!
  222. Live Performance Template (Improvisation) Ableton Live
  223. Mixing with a Live drummer?
  224. Turntabilist...does your wrist joint ever hurt after scratching/beatjuggling?
  225. Is this a good spinback (aka backspin)?
  226. Speeding up Song selection...?
  227. What are these Two scratches called?
  228. What do you guys do for Practice? - Methods of Practicing
  229. Qbert Do it Yourself Scratching
  230. Crowd stealing: a guide
  231. Vocal music
  232. Using Loop Packs (loopmasters)
  233. Scratch combo generator practice tool (free download)
  234. Most used effect for traktor s2
  235. Any tips or suggestions on how and when to use DJ Drops
  236. Creating a DJ Routine?
  237. Laid back Luke
  238. How do dj's end their set with that "roulette" like effect?
  239. Mixing Trance
  240. Mapping a knob in traktor for loop out move (xfine)?
  241. Which Cue Point to Use
  242. scratching is just not clicking
  243. Playing a "VS" set
  244. What to do well a song is playing?
  245. Mixing Breaks
  246. Scratch questions
  247. effects and tricks on the s2
  248. S2 Midi mapping?
  249. Ambidextrous Scratching (video) - Almost there!
  250. Alternative Transitioning Techniques?