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  1. Scratch
  2. Writersblock, or should i call it djblock?
  3. How Long Does It Take You To Get Comfortable With a Track?
  4. How do you like to mix between BPM's?
  5. The Scratch Combo/Patten Thread
  6. Traktor Kontrol s2 with ableton live(Advice Needed.)
  7. quick transition from a EDM buildup to a different drop
  8. Transitioning from high BPM (EDM etc) to Low BPM (Hip-Hop etc)
  9. Beatmatching in Traktor Question
  10. Scratching: how bad do I suck?
  11. moving beyond crossfading etc
  12. how do DJs transition between songs with the loop and riser effect?
  13. DJ intro sample...???
  14. Fade in
  15. Do you need turntables to scratch well?
  16. DJ IQ scratching tecnique?
  17. Free Scratch Samples
  18. how to add creativity to djing
  19. One Button MIDI Mapping Gone Mad
  20. short monsters and men routine (vid)
  21. 4 Deck Mixing
  22. Scribble or flare or??
  23. 50 Songs...50 different artists/DJ's...???
  24. How to use Cue on a DJM?
  25. Back on DJForums after hiatus. With scratch critique.
  26. Strange filter / effect like noise when mixing
  27. DJing gets more and more technical, but does this also mean, you need no skillZ?
  28. Best Setup for Triggering Samples, Beats & Effects in a Live Performance…???
  29. Scratch pattern ID, please (Mike Smooth on Funky Technician)
  30. Playing a modern 2x4 set.
  31. Turntablism Noobie...???
  32. Connect/link songs in Rekordbox/CDJ 2000 NXS
  33. Counting Beats help...???
  34. Overcoming Muscle Memory
  35. Help! Gear set-up/records skipping
  36. Beat Grid for 80's music
  37. Launching multiple clips at the same time in one track. (AKAI APC40)
  38. The Turntable Zoolander
  39. Traktor F1 and live mixing
  40. Gig Routine
  41. Mixing in Key, Key lock & Beat Matching…..???
  42. Mash-up Routine...???
  43. Traktor & Ableton with a small soundcard & external mixer
  44. BPM for beginner scratching...???
  45. Do skilled scratch DJ's do the basics? (For the scratch DJ's)
  46. Beatmatching, is it a must?
  47. super quick mixes?
  48. Vocals Clashing
  49. Mixing with MixMeister Fusion
  50. How to mixing electro to trap or dubstep help!!!
  51. DJ party for wedding
  52. Key of the track sorted, but beats are different.
  53. Loop Roll Timing....???
  54. Mixing/ Beatjuggling
  55. Are you aware of what you are doing and how you look?
  56. No Sync Dj Tutorial: 3 & 4 Deck Mixing (Deep House/Deep Funk) w/ Rotary Mixer
  57. Beatmatching
  58. EQ
  59. Extended Mixes
  60. Video DJ Serato Settings? What makes sense?
  61. where to get?
  62. TTM scratch tutorial - Broken Orbits
  63. Should every DJ..
  64. Half M Flare Chirp
  65. DJ chile - Heuristic Methods series - 1. Restriction Games
  66. DJ chile - Oddity Series - Twin Chirp OG
  67. BRB Hippopotamus
  68. Doubts related to CUEING
  69. DDJ WEgo stratching
  70. Heuristic Methods Series: Episode 2 - Specialisation & Ratio Alteration
  71. Silent baby flare
  72. Oddity Series: The Internet Scratch
  73. Oddity Series: AS Half M Flare
  74. Live setup thoughts..
  75. Sweaty/moist hands while scratch practicing!
  76. For my Scratch Djs.
  77. Organisation
  78. Transition Help
  79. transitions/phrasing tips for newby
  80. Beginner help with phrase mixing
  81. will i ever find that smooth transition
  82. Can someone explain to me how scratching is done?
  83. One turntable into two channel inputs?!
  84. How do you DJ?
  85. Jump loop
  86. ISO Top 40's mix without beatmatching
  87. Phrase Matching
  88. Anyone make beats with their turntable set up?
  89. Mixing jungle/dnb
  90. Transitions- looking for advice
  91. Transitions and Techniques during tracks
  92. How to transistion
  93. Pioneer SZ FX trick
  94. The ill technique sample cut
  95. Slipmat sandwich
  96. Beat drops
  97. Technique Name
  98. Vinyl DJ'ing: tips for playing from a cue point?
  99. Mixing Too Much Mid
  100. Using the loop function
  101. Harmonic mixing? has any of you ever used it? examples?
  102. 4 Decks, 2 DJ Controllers, & 1 Laptop Tutorial
  103. Peter Piper Scratch Routine Tutorial on a DDJ-1000
  104. Created a new technique you would like to share? I would love to hear it!
  105. Mixing on the One Beat
  106. After learning all the basics how did you learn how to dj?
  107. What are the most important and useful techniques and skills to have as a DJ?
  108. Ideal Cross-Fader cut in distance for scratching
  109. Create a long echo /delay effect In Traktor
  110. Mixing Drum and Bass with house/techno
  111. What to do
  112. How do people make tapping the cue button sound good?
  113. Tips/Techniques with quick mixing?
  114. Pre-recorded mix: how would you do it?
  115. Riding The Pitch