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  1. So much progress from where we left off :)
  2. Is an amplifier really necessary ?
  3. Producer , bought DJ setup, confused with connecting everything.
  4. Help!!!!
  5. how to dj dvd ???????????
  6. Numark Dj In A Box
  7. [Lets rebuild] The Guide to Getting Out There...
  8. Instrumentals and vocals
  9. music library
  10. Beats/Bar/Phrases-Mixing Techniques.
  11. Ok need some advice for a bar gig
  12. 5 Basic DJ Transitions Between 2 Songs
  13. What you should look up to
  14. How to hook my Traktor S2 into a PA system?
  15. DJ MIXING : Basic, Advanced, Pro
  16. New DJ's learning & Serato...Whats your take?
  17. Why should I learn to beatmatch?
  18. Lots of good info for BEGINNERS!
  19. The Official DJ Name Thread
  20. What to play in a warm up set.
  21. about sarching
  22. How to make a demo
  23. Budget Equipment Appreciation Thread.
  24. Ready to start my journey...
  25. Help with songs
  26. Xlr a/b switch
  27. Vinyl not economic for DJ'ing (Generic music)
  28. Pioneer ddj ergo questions
  29. What equipment should I invest in?
  30. What equipement to start with?
  31. A few questions....Help!
  32. Been beatmatching good latley. But now BEATS are drifting..?
  33. dlove's 7 steps to the warm-up
  34. SCS.4DJ vs CDJ vs Turntable
  35. Any advise??
  36. How to organize selection of CDs.
  37. Noob w/ Some Noob Questions
  38. Recording Help!
  39. Query on effects
  40. Quick start
  41. Burning CD's for CDJ's
  42. Is this a "CDJ"?
  43. Vinyl cuing issues
  44. closing slot
  45. Which one is better?
  46. Embedding SoundCloud tunes in a post?
  47. New Gear Budget.
  48. Ouch... need some constructive criticism please.
  49. good places to get music/tracks?
  50. Loadsa Help for a n00b required here!
  51. i am wanting to be a DJ
  52. How Do I Set Up My New DJ Business?
  53. I want to be a DJ
  54. Are DJ Mixes commercial use?
  55. What Can i do?
  56. Equipment help would be awsome?!
  57. Help
  58. How to put soundcloud link on thread
  59. RANT on Piracy
  60. DJ Ethos (rules that DJs should live by)
  61. Essential sites for when you're starting out
  62. So you've "begun" being a DJ. Now what?
  63. DJing versus Producing
  64. Using equipment ive never used before :S
  65. I Can Use Some Guidance
  66. Essential DJ Equipment when starting out
  67. classic trance and house tunes - where to download?
  68. Where to start with Equipment?
  69. The Official DJF Beginners MEGA Thread!
  70. Crowd Reading Tips
  71. Could use some guidance?
  72. Scratching Effects/ Manipulating Scratch on BELT Drive Tables
  73. Bugging Out pls help
  74. House DJs GTFIH and help a fellow house dj out!
  75. two tips
  76. Gain Staging (aka Stay out of the RED!)
  77. MP3 versus WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or...
  78. Bargains!!!
  79. How Much should i charge?
  80. Got my NS6.
  81. Owner Requesting For CD and Using It Instead Of Booking A DJ
  82. Rising from the UK
  83. Get my NS7 on Thursday!!! Whoooo!!!
  84. real cool buy for beginners
  85. Im new to the forums and looking for some feedback.
  86. 4000$ budget for first set up. Help needed and appreciated. Thanks!
  87. New to DJ'ing
  88. Advice on a lot of details
  89. A query on digging...
  90. Sacrifice or necessity?
  91. Effect advice [Beginner]
  92. What equipment should I get?
  93. Numark Mixdeck?!?!?! Good for first set up? Open to suggestions.
  94. 4 cdj players and a mixer
  95. A few legal questions
  96. Listening Skills... !!!
  97. Classify the different parts of a song (Intro, build up etc etc)
  98. Suggestion on songs to start with please.
  99. Explain BPM...
  100. How to behave yourself as a professional?
  101. Beginning! Mixdeck vs Mixdeck express?!
  102. Sorry if this is about to be redundant (1st DJ headset)
  103. Speaker + Power = Confused
  104. Just Bought My First Rig! (And I Have a Stupid Question)
  105. Starting Off Setup ???
  106. Need some advice
  107. CDJ & Mixer
  108. Mastering BPM
  109. Learning on Numark M4
  110. Should I go with a two or four-channel mixer?
  111. staton c314 m 304
  112. Organizing Music
  113. Understanding Genre of Music
  114. Beat Matching Question
  115. volume levels
  116. Small Questions Thread!
  117. Questions regarding first gig
  118. numark ndx200 and im1 mixer
  119. Bridging
  120. For beginners! EASY TUTORIALS
  121. Updating Equipment - What route to take??
  122. Am I trying to DJ at all?
  123. Things You Need Beside Talent
  124. 1st gig question
  125. 1st gig question
  126. Mixer volume problem. Maxing out for no reason
  127. Semi-noobish question
  128. Beginning DJ song tips?
  129. Having a hard time beatmatching? Look Here
  130. CDJ/SSL Question
  131. Laptop out to mixer... headphones out, line out or USB out??
  132. Not just mixing outro ->intro
  133. Recording a mix onto a Mac from a DDM-4000
  134. Quick question regarding mix feedback...
  135. Looking to buy my first set up
  136. New to all this
  137. Starting Off
  138. how do you know if your good or if u just suck?
  139. Yet another "new to DJ'ng thread"
  140. Advice on upgrading to cdj 2000s
  141. Need entire sound system: Speakers, amp, etc
  142. needs advice on new gear
  143. Got my first slot? but was very average on the night?
  144. All songs a dj should have?
  145. Best website to stream on?
  146. Am i good enough to to take the next step?
  147. No more progress on training
  148. Are vinyl DJ's restricted to a more limited playlist?
  149. Completely new to this!
  150. I want your opinion
  151. First DJ set up
  152. Getting Out There..
  153. Bootlegs,mashup's...
  154. CDJs or Midi Controller
  155. First recorded dubstep mix!
  156. Difference between house and trance
  157. Vinyl vs. Computer Controller?
  158. New DJ
  159. looking at some beginner dj kits. opinions?
  160. Hey guys, I just started Djing a Couple Months ago
  161. Beatmatching and Pitch Question
  162. More Beatmatching Questions
  163. Beginner set-up (CDJ-350 + DJM-350) - need advice
  164. Timecode for General DJing
  165. New to DJing and need help
  166. My first Attempts at mixing - Please Listen and give me your thoughts
  167. How to set up your dj gear with a computer?
  168. Beginner Needs Advice
  169. Managing Music on cds
  170. Please check out this mix!!
  171. Beginner Mix
  172. First longer mix, any criticism?
  173. Hey! I was considering buying some cheap gear and learning how to do some mixing.
  174. Beginner mix..
  175. What is the best way to record a mix?
  176. Muffled Speakers
  177. Question about turntables...?
  178. Question about Pioneer products
  179. Brand New
  180. Mix feedback
  181. Question about computers and hooking up powered speakers
  182. Will be shopping for equipment for first time try at DJ. Looking for some input.
  183. New here- are these good.
  184. Quick hardware question (hooking up CDJ's to Mixer)
  185. HELP progressing as a DJ
  186. Quick question about amount paid
  187. Another Quick Pay Question
  188. Bit confused with using my eq - any advice?
  189. Trying to record my first mix, beginner equipment question.
  190. Question on 1/4 cable
  191. getting started with something simple
  192. How to manual beat-match
  193. How do I start getting into the business?
  194. Setup
  195. Staying ontop of your music
  196. Moleman Beginner starting off
  197. YouTube tutorials
  198. Getting an idea for my first setup.
  199. Where to buy/download good quality (old)songs
  200. Tips for beatmatching and switching from dance or house to pop??
  201. Practice Help
  202. Looking to get into DJing
  203. which pool?
  204. Needing A Little Equipment Help And Advice
  205. What do you think of this set up?
  206. Finding New Tracks, Learning to DJ "the proper way," and More Questions.
  207. I want to learn how to DJ.
  208. Need Your Advice! Please Help!! (Equipment)
  209. 4/4 Beat Marker on VDJ thats not on Traktor
  210. Genre question?
  211. Quick question about songs. Im new to this forum
  212. New to Djing Wanting to learn!
  213. newbie needs help
  214. Starting to Dj again after 8 years. Out of the loop. Help please!
  215. FLAC files
  216. House Party Set Up.
  217. DJing With a MIDI Keyboard?
  218. Mixin Hip Hop for beginners: tips needed!
  219. Whats a smooth way to speed up/slow down the tempo?
  220. Question about the key of a song
  221. First gig!
  222. need help with sound levels setup
  223. New dj looking for some help
  224. Completely new to DJ'ing.
  225. how do you organize your music
  226. Help for a new guy
  227. Trying to get the mix playing through the headphones.....
  228. Are these any good?
  229. Proper Newbie here...Is it too soon?
  230. LED db bar acting strange, looking for replacement.. What are they called?
  231. Quick question about equipment setup.
  232. Tips for Electro Mixing...
  233. New dj
  234. New at this, quick question.
  235. Is this equipment any good?
  236. Need help deciding between two systems.
  237. New and unsure...
  238. DJ table
  239. Experienced musician, n00bish DJ Wants to make money! Help!
  240. Is this possible?
  241. First setup, gear selection. (I've done my research) need a little guidance.
  242. What to buy?
  243. Looking to take my DJing to the next level.
  244. Beginner confused about first set up
  245. Best way to self promote online?
  246. EQing//Fader work/Mixing
  247. How do you record your sets
  248. Some help choosing an upgrade
  249. Price for first gig?
  250. 1/4" outputs vs. RCA outputs?