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  1. What equipment must i get, For a beginer?
  2. Best Way To Get New Released Singles/Music
  3. Help with purchasing laptop
  4. Tech problems! Total newbie, be gentle!
  5. Serato Tags And Mixing
  6. Beginner: Can anyone help me setup my dj equipment the right way?
  7. Beginner Thread for equipment and starting off!
  8. Help finding best laptop DJ software.
  9. Playing a less popular genre locally
  10. Need a simple affordable system
  11. Genre Help.....???
  12. Gemini G2V vs Traktor Kontrol S2
  13. Need some advice starting out
  14. PLZ Help! Need some Advise
  15. Amp for AKG 612 pro?
  16. Looking for help with Uni project.
  17. Production for beginners
  18. DJ/Producer name
  19. What is a good setup for beginners?
  20. Im new here [My first track]
  21. Music selection
  22. What's the best DJ Controller?
  23. Looking for some songs
  24. Eliminating White Noise from audio input to PC
  25. Problem burning audio
  26. still trying to learn to mix
  27. How do I begin building a DJ music library?
  28. Dj name
  29. Beginner on a Budget
  30. hello, newbie, need some advice on uv light setup
  31. Separate bank account for your DJ business?
  32. Where do you get your music?
  33. using a single pa speaker to start off?
  34. Buying a PA system, not sure what wires I need, and how to connect it.
  35. minimal setup for small venue
  36. Help
  37. Best day/time for djing at radio station?
  38. Criticize my mixtape please! 17 yr old DJ
  39. DJ name (dude with horseshoe mustache and aviators sunglasses)
  40. Recommendations for a mic
  41. Serato Analyzer
  42. Tips and Advice for me!
  43. My son
  44. Where do you usually place your cue points?
  45. Question about vinyl record players and computer compatibility
  46. Finding music
  47. Beatmatching
  48. Need Help From Wise People!
  49. Serato dj intro
  50. Track format
  51. How to make your album commercial?
  52. Which power mixer should I get?? Thanks!
  53. Old DJ, New to Forums/Radio Advice?
  54. what should I get better pa/DJ speakers or more DJ lights
  55. mixtrack pro 2 vs mixtrack pro 3
  56. Best site to find ID tracks?
  57. Need help setting up JBL Sub.
  58. lnfo for a Laptop DJ newbie...please/
  59. Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Speakers??
  60. Im new to the DJ style, any great guide?
  61. Laptop programs
  62. Setup for beginner.
  63. Is this computer good enough for live performances?
  64. I Need Inspiration!
  65. Speaker Placement
  66. In Search of a Mentor of sorts..
  67. New to ableton I mostly like to spin hip hop, rnb n funk.
  68. Live Sound to Newbe DJ help needed
  69. Chauvet Robo Scans Intimidato Spot 255 IRC DMX controller
  70. mapping for a complete noob
  71. Advice would be appreciated !!!
  72. How do I make living as a dj?
  73. Dj setup help
  74. Simple set-up help
  75. How to Record a Crowd in the Club or a Party?
  76. I finally want to play, but i'm very confused
  77. Newbie DJ questions
  78. Need Help
  79. 1st time live radio stream. How to connect everything up, help needed.
  80. Noob but enthusiatic.... learning to dj!!!
  81. Routing Effects From CDJ Through Laptop to DJM900NXS
  82. Beatmatching with detuned root keys and chords
  83. Complete new person in need of some help.
  84. Brand new to the Game
  85. Looking for a great Dj Pool
  86. Music
  87. Need help with beginner deck
  88. What stuff should I buy to start DJing?
  89. Finally I have a chance to play at a club but I am confused...
  90. What I have so far.... pics!!
  91. Absolute noob here - need an answer
  92. Complete controllers for begginers
  93. Mixing in a new track in phrase and in time?
  94. Online Tutorials
  95. Mixing mids and highs
  96. How do YOU structure your mixes?
  97. Need someone to check if I improved, would love to hear opinion about my mix
  98. Beginner help. New to Forum and Field.
  99. just as a hobby only
  100. Searching for other producers or singers
  101. DJ'ing with a style
  102. Equipment for my simple needs?
  103. Beginning to DJ.
  104. Stereo mix is enabled but not working in Windows 7
  105. Beatmatching for a track with irregular tempo?
  106. RCA ports on Technics
  107. Would you buy beat up looking equipment?
  108. Should I buy this course?
  109. New to DJing
  110. Wharfedale Titan Pro 15D vs Behringer B115D, Vs B215D
  111. Mixing songs into one for a cheerleader team
  112. Rekordbox on iPhone 6 Plus with CDJ 2000
  113. Simple Setup for Garage / Parties
  114. Upgrade time!
  115. help with d j pitch bend
  116. i have some questions about my controller
  117. Starting to line up gigs, thinking of making a small business out of this
  118. Input lights barely flicker on some cd's on Denon DNX-500 mixer
  119. HELP troubleshooting problem with my Equipment/setup!
  120. Question about DJing
  121. DVS Mixer vs External Box (SLx or TS)
  122. This is my first time of buying dj equipment
  123. new to this have an equipment question
  124. Tryng to join this world, need help!
  125. Is numark mixtrack pro good?
  126. Plug and play: music from phones
  127. Sound Limiter At My Next Venue
  128. How do DJs start a new track without making us feel a pause after the previous one?
  129. What about Behrniger A2 mixer?
  130. Phrasing vs Phasing
  131. Default Practicing on the Road - at Work, Etc
  132. Help !!! Cdj 900 cue points???
  133. I have 700 euros to buy all the necessary to make techno. What should i buy?
  134. Is there something like live music creation?
  135. Hi
  136. Gemini CDj-700 with an ipod
  137. Headphones for laptop/smartphone use
  138. DJ Software for touch screen dell xps windows 10
  139. Equipment Clipping Question
  140. What type of CD player do I need to be a DJ? :D
  141. Gain Staging, but how exactly?
  142. Questions about mobile DJing...
  143. How to use an Audio casque with MC Denon 3000
  144. Connecting Sound System Advice Please
  145. DJ Mixing Software?
  146. How do you tag your music?
  147. beginner looking for a little advice
  148. XONE 42 - I could really use some help if anyone could help
  149. Total beginner
  150. Laptop buying advice and questions?
  151. Newbie gear
  152. Advice - Music making software / hardware
  153. Music quality - Where to get tracks from ?
  154. Lose the way (Chinese bad English)
  155. what is your source for good music?
  156. About Key Mixing, Good Transition, Intro/Outro and Tips For Live Mix
  157. beginner needs help with beatmatching.
  158. Dj Name
  159. Here I Listen your mix and give u advice on it !
  160. Another beginners set-up question
  161. Climbing up the ladder fast!
  162. Scratching and More?
  163. beginner mixing question
  164. Beatmaching Help
  165. How to know true the real genres of music (poor Englisg)
  166. Absolute beginner looking for advice
  167. Cheaper Alternatives to the Pioneer-DJM-2000NXS Mixer?
  168. Rekordbox setup from new
  169. Doubt with connectors on my gear.
  170. Speakers verses amp
  171. Beginner DJ local prices low.
  172. hi everyone
  173. All in One Controller VS CDJs
  174. Hand-offs
  175. Which way should I go?
  176. Sound is way lower why?????
  177. Software that inserts BPM into your file tag...
  178. Needed to start?
  179. Looking for feedback
  180. Producing music for DJ performance
  181. Pioneer DDJ-SB2, RB or Mixtrack Pro 3?
  182. Stanton T50 platter rock
  183. MTP 3 to KRK Rokit 6
  184. Same key songs but still sounds off...???
  185. Beginner Gear/ How to
  186. Returning DJ needing some points in the right directions.
  187. Setting up my Subwoofer Correctly
  188. Cueing music not on headphone
  189. Stuck - Need Equipment Advice
  190. Opinions on the NVII for beginner?
  191. Matching pitch exactly
  192. Upgrading my system: Need advise on where to start
  193. where can buy remix song
  194. Rookie gear question
  195. Buzz from splitter
  196. What kind of set up is this ? See link
  197. Which is the best streaming software to use?
  198. New to serato and my controller - trying to build music collection
  199. What music to use while mixing
  200. How do you store your music
  201. What's a good starter table?
  202. 1st day fully set up and started my new hobby.
  203. Convert my audio system into amateur mixing system, with minimal decrease in SQ?
  204. Please help a confused mum!
  205. Help! No Audio is coming out!
  206. Recommendations for Amps
  207. Complete Beginner setup Question
  208. Streaming Music Libraries a thing? Sourcing equipment/software for on the cheap?
  209. Cables for EV (Electro-Voice) ZLX-12P
  210. Podcast live stream on facebook
  211. I really want to get a launchpad (preferably a Novation Mini mk2)
  212. How do I connect a 1210 deck to these speakers?!
  213. how to record from mixer to laptop with HDMI cable
  214. What's your methodology when it comes to collecting music and building your library?
  215. Questions about Korg Kaoss DJ controller
  216. How to transition from peak hour to after-hours
  217. Semi Newbie: Mixer questions vinyl / traktor
  218. How much music is on your serato?? Over 1 terabyte?
  219. Greetings World
  220. Record Pool Question
  221. First club gig need help!
  222. How to connect Mix2Go Pro mixer to MacBook
  223. How do you all set up a long mix
  224. Do you need to midi map the sampler section to work on ddm4000 with DVS ?
  225. How Do I Get Listens and Followers On Soundcloud To Help Bedroom DJs?
  226. Yeo, Im new
  227. MP3 or WAV?
  228. Latency and sample rate on traktor.
  229. Are fx, samplers and cues a big part of your DJ style?
  230. What to buy/upgrade next?
  231. Just signed on
  232. Beginner - Should I go for this deal?
  233. Need tips for mixing hip hop
  234. NEW need help pointing in the right direction.
  235. What would you find to be easier?
  236. Laptop Recommendations
  237. Advice for beginning DJ's
  238. Setting up LP120 to DJ Tech DIF-1s
  239. Rekordbox dj bars
  240. Jungle mixing help needed
  241. Help and Advice for Newbie
  242. Basic dj controller
  243. Buying music
  244. Scale Mixing
  245. Scratching in samples ? Possible?
  246. What did I get myself into?
  247. Jungle/dnb phrase mixing.
  248. beat phrasing
  249. Rekordbox dj Keys.
  250. need some help here xD