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  1. Powered Speakers - what gets your vote?
  2. this is got me so frustrated im about to start throwing suff
  3. serato question
  4. When would you use the EQ 'kill' button?
  5. CDJs or midi controller for beginner?
  6. To Drink or not to drink....that is the question.
  7. People that do shows...how often do you use the same songs?
  8. Places to Find Good Music
  9. Do you use an electronic cross-over
  10. Beginner Dj Advice
  11. Denon ds1200 + denon mixer x120 and traktor ??
  12. Just sayin' hey....
  13. i can't record from Traktor
  14. Feedback on this transition ?
  15. should i buy a DDJ-SZ?
  16. looking to buy my first deck
  17. Hi All
  18. Making video recording of mixes
  19. Feedback
  20. Beats Per Minute
  21. Can I DJ using 2 different turntable models?
  22. Pros of becoming a DJ? Money Help!
  23. Headphones around 100 euro?
  24. Christmas Party
  25. Missing thread attn: Admins!
  26. Starting equipment for a newbie
  27. What do people want?
  28. Numark mixtrack quad or reloop beatmix 4?
  29. Best budget equipment to buy to get ready for DJing at clubs?
  30. What do i need? And what do you recommend..
  31. Looking into starting up abit of DJing in my spare time. Any Advice on equipment ect?
  32. Naive Parents needing advice asap!
  33. Ableton and Akai MPD18
  34. Mirror all question
  35. Advice on getting people to listen to your creations
  36. flac to what for best quality?(SERATO INTRO)
  37. Getting back in the game
  38. what equipment and technique will do the job
  39. How do you pick the next song?
  40. What effects did Carola use in this mix?
  41. How To Make a Good Transition
  42. Please help me
  43. HOW TO: Using beat grids to learn song structure
  44. What could be wrong with this xlr cable?
  45. Soundcard Situation
  46. Absolute Beginner need guidance on equipment
  47. Help with set-up
  48. A question about Genres
  49. Would running unequal lengths of xlr speaker cable create any problems..electrically?
  50. How to songify ?
  51. Where to find good instrumentals?
  52. Traktor F1 Questions?
  53. Behringer CT-100 cable tester question. Is the test tone only for a defective cable?
  54. need some help setting up new kit i got
  55. Question about connecting subwoofer
  56. A question about wiring connection on xlr 2 conductor with shield cable
  57. Are there any noticeable differences between DDJ SX2 & DDJ SZ?
  58. Beginner ... need help ... how to start? :P
  59. Just another beginner question.
  60. 1 Hour mix of Soulful, Melodic Deep Tech Point of View (POV) style (video)
  61. I seemed to have confused myself.
  62. Begineer Question on Mixing and letting the song play
  63. Soundcloud (Hard/tek style)
  64. Best software for a beginner?
  65. Looking for a good tagging program
  66. First DJ Mix
  67. How long to play each song?
  68. long shot recording visual with traktor
  69. Big Room House
  70. Cdj 1000 mk2/mk3 hot cue points?
  71. Behringer xenyx 1202fx
  72. Help a beginner - my DJ set-up is really quiet!
  73. Beginners Set up
  74. Scratch Track?
  75. Ddj-ergo or ddj-sb
  76. numark ndx 400 shall i buy for £200 ?
  77. Burn songs on Cds.
  78. Advice
  79. choosing the right laptop
  80. Best software for ddj-sb
  81. Beginner Speaker Question
  82. Getting Started
  83. Djm 500 or 800 for beatmatching on headphone?
  84. Do you need subwoofers for a DJ Controller???
  85. A couple more noob questions
  86. Conflict about controller
  87. Buy a controller
  88. DJ Drop
  89. DDJ-SB Mapping
  90. Beatport file type
  91. Question
  92. M audio monitor
  93. Beginer on the DDJ-SR
  94. Pioneer hdj 1000 fake or real?
  95. DDJ SZ with CDJ 350's
  96. Probably a stupid question
  97. Budget gear ?? Around £600??? No ones posted in the other tread in a while
  98. Transistion tips
  99. Music selection>Mixing?
  100. Mackie DFX12 AUX jack - splitter? Help!
  101. Hey, Im completly new to djing would like a helping hand
  102. Vocal rips?
  103. Low end on tops
  104. Best Place To Post A Mix
  105. Beginner equipment question. Transistioning from controller to CDJ/Turntables
  106. DJ'S playing around with a channel's EQS live
  107. New to DJing Glad I'm here
  108. Requirements for timecode/control vinyls
  109. Finding my first DJ setup.
  110. Beginner
  111. A Noob in Need
  112. 2015 playlist. can anyone help????
  113. Starting out with hip hop, need some advice please!
  114. Question about Vinyl DJing
  115. CDJs or Vinyl?
  116. Which Home Equipment for Club DJ?
  117. Couple of dumb questions
  118. Yo !
  119. suggestions for
  120. Suggestions on starter mixers
  121. Beginner mixer/DJ Tech DIF 1S 1M
  122. Please guide me how to make hip hop beats.
  123. Tryna to Make physical DJ Mixer interact with DJ software...Help!
  124. Controller
  125. Music buying tips and song selection issues…???
  126. Determine speaker AC Power requirements?
  127. My first gig
  128. Few question from a beginner
  129. upgrading serto intro to serato dj?
  130. Things you can do before you get equipment?
  131. Music Theory
  132. First Gig Coming Up
  133. How to help an ultra beginner?
  134. Post setlist creator?
  135. Getting OUT signal from mixer.
  136. Best flightcase for CDJ-2000s/900s?
  137. Which Controller for a Beginner?
  138. Ddj-sr
  139. Please help
  140. Getting songs
  141. New "How to Become a Professional DJ" video.
  142. Newbie needs assistance please
  143. old hand at vinyl, newbie at digital
  144. Beginners mix hard
  145. How to Brake the first door [1st GiG]
  146. Is this any good for a beginner?
  147. Will either of these type of speakers give a louder, clearer sound
  148. Pioneer DDJ-S1 Serato (Sound output issue)
  149. Choosing between Serato rane SLx or Traktor Scratch Ax?
  150. Is this a good sign that I'm blending the tracks well?
  151. Begginer DJ
  152. Traktor 4 decks + F1 + Maschine
  153. Should I use cross faders or volume and EQ?
  154. Help finding a needle/cartridge
  155. M-Audio Torq Xponent Missing cables Start up
  156. What kind of Controller to get for a beginner?
  157. Ev elx118p
  158. Should I take up this opportunity even if I am a beginner?
  159. Is this the correct way to mix a build up of a song to the drop of another song?
  160. Clean party albums for young kids
  161. Electro voice elx118p subwoofer
  162. Question about Vinyl/Software Control
  163. How to mix pop songs?
  164. How much songs should i have?
  165. Ultimate novice, previous show attendee, 0 experience in any form of mixing.
  166. Dj setup choices
  167. Beatmatching for a beginner (and a few other small Qs)
  168. Feedback on my first mix? (it's real short)
  169. Hello!
  170. DJ Controller set up help
  171. Dj setup help
  172. Help with Cables
  173. I'm not quite sure what is the difference between a mashup and a mix?
  174. Legality Of Making Own Karaoke Tracks From Instrumental Tracks From DJ Pools?
  175. Ddj-sr to ddj-sx
  176. Beginners guide to vinyl
  177. Help buying first dj equipment
  178. M-Audio Torq Xponent to VDJ
  179. Stuck deciding between DDJ SR and Traktor S2 MKII
  180. Should I go pioneer for first gear
  181. many questions in my head about mixing
  182. Request for advice on mixing tracks
  183. Feedback Please :)
  184. Here is my set up (beginner set up)
  185. Beginner turntable set
  186. Where do i start?
  187. High Tempo Dj-ing
  188. Getting my first gig, I'm going to play background music, what should I play?
  189. Got second hand gear for Father's Day
  190. Bedroom DJ'ing need Advice
  191. beginner console
  192. Sound for DDJ-SX2
  193. DJ Transitions
  194. Feedback on my transitions
  195. Any advise for first gig playing for 6 hours
  196. Mix
  197. Need Help - Beginner
  198. Mobile DJ using EQ with microphone
  199. Pioneer XDJ-RX
  200. Beginner need advice on dj equipment..
  201. Would love to know how to conect a controller to record decks
  202. What is the best way to create mixes if I'm only editing transitions?
  203. help with balancing levels
  204. Beginners Help
  205. how much do u do on heaphones?
  206. controlling dynamics?
  207. question bout bringing in a second track
  208. DJ Katch x Freedo “Saturday” , Release date: June 29th 2015 , Label: Ching Zeng Today
  209. I Need A Suggestion
  210. Connecting Mixtrack Pro 3 to 5.1 Surround Sound, help please !
  211. Multiple versions of tracks
  212. Hi guys I'm Newbie
  213. Amateur could use some advice
  214. Simple request - Counterweight settings and a missing piece at the end
  215. Final piece of the puzzle: DJ Mixer
  216. Could you check out some of my mixes please?
  217. my first mix as a beginner
  218. 23/07/2015 - Six Secret Teachings - Tech House mix show
  219. Beat matching gone wrong
  220. Hey guys! 100% Newbie here
  221. Best website for finding similar music?
  222. Traktor Pro 2 Sort By Shortcut
  223. Help with Mobile DJ endeavors
  224. Chauvet Intimidator 150 Spot
  225. old newbie
  226. New to the forums & barely know what I'm doing
  227. Dilemma!!!
  228. beat matching
  229. Scratching learner help
  230. Is it worth your time to mix in key? I think so
  231. Bpm
  232. How to beat juggle? + other questions
  233. Turntables !!!
  234. Learning to DJ
  235. Advice on Equipment/Software
  236. Hi guys! I'm totally new!
  237. i really really need advice and help
  238. Hercules DJ Control Instinct
  239. New Member here! Quick Questions
  240. Any way to keep track playing after releasing CUE? (Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK2)
  241. TRAKTOR- effect
  242. prep
  243. Hard EDM mix aka freestyle beginner
  244. Beginner Speaker Recommendations?
  245. What mixer should I use
  246. Stuck. Is there a way to add a 'filter' in Mixxx
  247. Kit for beginner
  248. Advice on Equipment?
  249. still trying to learn
  250. Checklist for first mobile gig