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  1. A big questions
  2. Surround sound
  3. BPM Percentage - Pitch Control, QUESTION
  4. I know I asked this alot but...
  5. Completely new to DJing, Need help with desired set up.
  6. What software do the "big name" laptop DJs use?
  7. Question on Technics 1200?
  8. Starting to DJ
  9. Need a robot voice program
  10. What would be the next move?
  11. Fng
  12. Just starting, but needing lots of help...
  13. MIDI/Keyboard combination
  14. Need Help with first Set up any help please !
  15. Adht
  16. What to practice??
  17. What are demo mixes?
  18. Any good free autotuning program?
  19. signed up for dj city
  20. Vinyl or CD for Old School Hip Hop/Disco/R&B?
  21. HELP! No sound from turntable/mixer?
  22. A bit of advice for people uploading a new Mix/Track
  23. Beginner neeing help with just about everything :)
  24. First of Many Questions :)
  25. How to properly purchase a used product
  26. Hello, thrown into my 1st Club Gig HipHop/Top40/Rock need advice..
  27. Small problem
  28. CD Management?
  29. Looking for the right equipment for me! (:
  30. Getting Started ?
  31. What other equipment do I need to start practicing
  32. Speaker set up question from a rookie DJ
  33. proper noob + life story
  34. What are your goals for dj?
  35. This is Really Crazy But...
  36. Hip-Hop DJ Aspirations
  37. Where To Go From Here ...... SERIOUS POST
  38. Aspiring DJ would love advice please
  39. PC Speakers
  40. What do with my music library?!
  41. Picking Music for Your Event
  42. What are the most important things/lessons you have learned to bring/ do in gigs?
  43. How could I do this?
  44. Need some ideas....my first day
  45. Beginner Setup (SHOULD I BUY)
  46. Need some help on what to buy
  47. audio interface
  48. vinyl problems
  49. Beyond Beatmatching
  50. Cleaning Records and Replacing Needles
  51. New DJ looking for some help on getting started out
  52. Connecting a Mixer to a Amplifier, beginner help
  53. First gig last night
  54. Studio Monitors Or PC Speakers
  55. screwed myself over, how much do resident djs get paid for 4 hour sets in NYC
  56. CDJ's vs Turntables
  57. Working on a kinda low budget($500)
  58. NEWBE to dj'in, Seasoned in Music Production. Ready to learn please read!!
  59. Basic Set Up Question About Mixers
  60. New to Djing. Need your opinion of the equipment chosen.
  61. Head Shell Moving When Back Cueing
  62. Shopping List! Please take a look!!
  63. Advice For Beginners
  64. DJ 101 training in AZ?
  65. Another new to DJing thread, life story, and need purchase advice
  66. I need Equipment Advice!
  67. Getting my first real deck
  68. First equipment help
  69. how to add new song into serato
  70. PA system for noobs
  71. Getting Gigs help
  72. How to start marking awesome sounds
  73. Producer wants to start DJing -1500 to spend
  74. Bpm Question
  75. looking to get some bass
  76. sp118 subs?
  77. Interested in Producing Electronic Music, HELP PLEASE.
  78. Hi all :) confused!
  79. not a clue which deck to get
  80. New lad
  81. Home Based Setup Need 2 of Everything?
  82. new on here question about getting music ??
  83. Buying Power Amp Help
  84. A Few Questions About Genres, Music Library's, and Sorting
  85. How Do I get started?
  86. Getting Started
  87. Hopefully I'm just an idiot
  88. Please help with basic mixtape construction legality
  89. Any tips for my first warmup gig?
  90. Next setup? Recommendations?
  91. extremely new dj, need help/guidance
  92. beginner Question!
  93. Tips for coming after another DJ
  94. What Else Do I Need?
  95. Denon MC6000 setup help?
  96. New Setup, Possible Problem....
  97. DJ equipment
  98. Should I get a Novation Launchpad for a Beginner?
  99. standard ableton and nano Kontroller
  100. Repeat Cue transition
  101. how to build a music memory
  102. Video Recording
  103. Looking for Opinions on This Setup
  104. Need advice + help!!!
  105. Beginning
  106. The n00biest of all n00b questions....how to record with sl1.....
  107. New to the forum. New to DJing.
  108. Complet Beginner
  109. Where to start for scratching
  110. Building Muscle Memory, How?
  111. No sound. Need help.
  112. First gig coming up - temperature is rising!
  113. Help please!
  114. How to avoid being copy righted on youtube?
  115. External HD question
  116. What to do in between transitions? lol serious question
  117. Gains???
  118. DJM800/Technics grounding issue
  119. Phrasing
  120. beginner setup
  121. Beginner to Djing setup
  122. Music Downloand
  123. Starting up Djing got a couple of questions!! HELP!!
  124. I Want to record a mix but...
  125. How can you dj with 2 people?
  126. DJing for 50K Run, what type of song or genres to play?
  127. Starting Up (Advice/Tips Needed)
  128. 808 loops?
  129. Beginner dj, need help
  130. When are you no longer a rookie DJ?
  131. Tonearm counterweight question
  132. How To Separate the Sounds of Each Track
  133. General help
  134. Dj terminology
  135. Drum loops, breakbeats Hip Hop standard
  136. I want to learn!
  137. Sequencing?
  138. New to Djing
  139. scratching. Essential?
  140. Tips for my first ever public performance.
  141. Total Novice.
  142. Need DJing equipment advice
  143. JB systems High Q 20
  144. scratcing
  145. Buyer Beware Tips?
  146. How do I get myself 'out there'?
  147. hello everybody just signed up...dj st3m
  148. Effective learning process
  149. How much should I charge for a highschool prom?
  150. Help Mixing EDM Regards Structure
  151. Traktor Scratch Pro 2.5 vs Pro 2.5
  152. How did you get your first gig?
  153. Some Thoughts for Aspiring DJs...
  154. Help mixing a specific song list..
  155. First Show Horror Story - Wasn't even close to prepared!
  156. Setting equipment up for the first time help please ! no sound !!
  157. System?
  158. Needles Get Dusty So Quick
  159. Serato not Calibrating
  160. Building an Online Presence
  161. I just brought home 2 CDJ 900s and a DJM 850. Now what?
  162. A bit of help for a begginer
  163. Is my setup compatible with Traktor?
  164. How did you start out?
  165. Need help deciding on a DJ set up!
  166. Connecting speakers
  167. Noob in need of a bit of help!
  168. Decent PC Speakers
  169. first outdoor gig.. help!
  170. How do/did you pick yourself up.
  171. Lost..
  172. Good place for Acapellas
  173. Help with what equipment I should buy
  174. Great Video Tutorial Series
  175. Why does track note/pitch matter?
  176. Need help with speakers!
  177. Best equipment for a newbie and a few questions.
  178. Organizing Music Collection for CDJ use
  179. MP3 Tagging
  180. Is using BPM readout a bad crutch to use for beatmatching on CDJ900?
  181. Help with transfering music files...
  182. probably a stupid question... beatmatching help.
  183. Question For Hip Hop DJ's
  184. This Book
  185. Beginner need help.
  186. Cheap/budget Vinyl decks
  187. Difficulties Cue'ing tracks
  188. Best genres of music to mix?
  189. Scratching... HELP
  190. Looking for some advice
  191. Karaoke mic advice
  192. please help with VM2 sound controls.
  193. Apprehension towards playing out, making the leap of faith
  194. Traktor Scratch Pro 2
  195. First time playing in a club (without preparation).
  196. Traktor A6 Midi
  197. Traktor Scratch
  198. Controller vs DVS
  199. Denon mc3000 help!
  200. Compatible Laptop beside Macbook
  201. The Worlds Best DJ??
  202. New to the scene, looking to create my own mixes... Equip required?
  203. Critique Of my first ever Dj Mixes. (Please)
  204. Thought i had it all sussed out...
  205. Stepping up my setup
  206. Beginner program?
  207. How to Dj with Dj Download.
  208. Mixing Hip-Hop?
  209. Which external hard drive?
  210. Macbook question
  211. Bars?
  212. Christmas Party music selection
  213. Have you used this equipment and is it a good first buy?
  214. Stanton SCS 4DJ
  215. Advice please
  216. DJ Agencies
  217. Confused
  218. Trouble with bass cancelation.
  219. starting off beatmatching advice please !
  220. How does one begin DJing
  221. Help with vinyl
  222. Should i get this?
  223. Starter Equip
  224. pioneer DDJ-SX DJ
  225. What sort of speakers?
  226. Hi guys, new here and I have 500..
  227. Trying to get the best configuration with my speakers, sub and all my gear
  228. The beginner DJ setup SOS!!! please help ASAP
  229. Brand new
  230. advise for a kid!
  231. Best way to transport gear to gig (no flight cases right now)
  232. DJ101 Webinar : Introduction to DJing presented by Behringer : Wed Nov 21st! 1-3PM
  233. Newbie Advice
  234. Thinking of starting to DJ/Mix
  235. CDJ 900 / BPM/Temp Help.
  236. Behringer "Intro to DJing" DJ101 webinar - FREE!
  237. Need help with my DJ hookup, one set of speakers want to use both on my PC and......
  238. Getting into scratching / Good battle records?
  239. uploading on soundcloud w/o being copyrighted?
  240. Budget Active Speakers
  241. Question about the voltage
  242. How to decide which Mixtrack Pro software to use
  243. a few questions
  244. Bass distorts when using CDJ's & Mixer? Not clipping, why?
  245. First Gig (College House Party)
  246. Getting taken advantage of by friends
  247. Vinyl or Cdj?
  248. mixing trance
  249. DVS with M-Audio Conectiv?
  250. Getting back into DJing