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  1. Bomb ass Hip Hop track of the DAY!
  2. Wiki Wiki's Inside
  3. For PR fans
  4. I sampled my DnB collection and made a bunch of hip hop beats check it =D
  5. Happy birthday J Dilla
  6. Just finished my first beat tape. Listen inside!
  7. Scratched hook I made for a track
  8. Ofwgkta
  9. Hip Hop Mixes.
  10. Doomtree
  11. DJ Qbert trick mixing in 1989
  12. Your Top 5 Favorite Hip Hop Albums All Time!!
  13. Down With The Kings
  14. A tune that a friend of mine made
  15. **Underground Hip Hop thread
  16. The Popular Rap Songs Thread - We're just playing Tyga the entire time
  17. Song ID - track sampling Paul McCartney's "Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time"
  18. What Hip Hop Records Have You Recently Dropped Your Hard Earned Cash On?
  19. KNX and co...
  20. Current favorite battle break?
  21. Grand Master Roc Raida - Silent Auction of Mixers & Gear
  22. Anyone Excited for Nas.Com?
  23. Track ID Thread
  24. Twitter Bots for discovering old music
  25. Tyga - Rack City (DJ DX) Blend
  26. Live ustream audio feed...special
  27. Regeneration Music Project opens today
  28. Old School Live Footage: Video Music Box's Disco Fever Reunion pt. 1 MC Chill
  29. what drum loop in "All The Ugly People Be Quiet"?
  30. Tardes Deliciar (Valentine's Day Mix)
  31. New Old Stuff
  32. Some decent, free that some of you may dig.
  33. I've made a mixtape blog for hip-hop/soul/funk mixes
  34. Hip-hop tracks that sounded ahead of their time on release
  35. [02.20]DJ DX - 219 (Prod.by) S.B.P
  36. Beat/Looper I.D please
  37. CL Smooth passing thru our Studio
  38. Someone help me understand why people like OFWGKTA (And their separate acts)
  39. Q-BERT (USA) & REEPS ONE (UK) @ Chinese Laundry - Fri 24th Feb
  40. Jay-z Encore Acapella mp3.
  41. Black man, white woman, black baby.....
  42. Dancehall Bangers
  43. Beats on beats on beats
  44. R-Ash freestyle scratching video
  45. My FIRST attempt at a HipHop MashUp
  46. Beat I produced used in music video
  47. if you have a nice track but it is on a mixtape what do you do?
  48. i made this 4 track single. peep =D
  49. Do "Clean" Versions of Songs ruin the song?
  50. Question for the DJs: Is it Ok to take songs of another DJs mixtape for your mixtape
  51. World Premier Of The E-40 & Too Short Video Sliding Down the Pole
  52. Dancehall Reggae appreciation
  53. Any Scratch Videos to learn from????
  54. Indica Jones and the Gang Starr Session's....
  55. Who I DJ for....
  56. New here looking for some tracks.
  57. European Reggae/Dub/Dancehall
  58. Break Division the mixes - Hip Hop, Funk, Breaks
  59. DJ Focus looper (a little different from other loopers)
  60. Erick Sermon mixtape, "Breath of Fresh Air"
  61. DJ Rob Swift's Roc for Raida
  62. My First LP is Out. Unit27 - Ninth Earth
  63. Bag lunch sessions
  64. how far back can you listen to Rap until it starts sounding corny
  65. A query on digging...
  66. It's been 15 years to the day.......
  67. Internet-based collaborative scratching with Ninjam + Reaper
  68. My Hip Hop Bands Single.. What do you think?!
  69. lets talk hip hop production eras......maw fuh..... alright i wont say it
  70. Whats the best site to get the latest hip hop for free?
  71. New video clip: INJA & EDSIK “PEPPER SAUCE”
  72. Real Hiphop for a mainstream audience
  73. Bomb ass R&B/soul song of the day!
  74. Hip-Hop DJ trapped in R&B Mode
  75. Indica Jones and the 206 Session's.
  76. did anybody catch the new Nas?
  77. Some new Enfoe cuts
  78. Some laid back cuts. Perfect ear candy while stoned.
  79. Free Dj Drops Today!!!
  80. Crown St. Cut Collective // Anthony Scratchnuts and Scratch Bastid
  81. Odd Future posse cut video (nice vibe)
  82. I've just entered the Online DMC Championships!
  83. de la vs tribe. Let's do this.
  84. What is your favourite posse cut?
  85. MPC, turntables,bass & loop pedal video: 'Sing That' by Mke-L
  86. Bieber 'freestyling'
  87. Any Living Legends fans here?
  88. New DJ Sara scratch video
  89. Post Good Instrumental Hip Hop
  90. Human beatbox videos
  91. Besides Hip Hop, What Genre Do You Collect And Follow The Most?
  92. THE CRUNK THREAD!!!! (little bitches beware)
  93. Grinding
  94. The new mix........ The Spooks
  95. good music and instrumental download hip hop to house.
  96. Next Big Hip Hop Group from Houston, TX? You decide!
  97. Hip Hop / Full of our work.
  98. Blockhead
  99. DJ Forum Hip Hop Section Members Mixes Thread
  100. Getting Up
  101. Beyonce - Love On Top (DJ DX) Blend (2012)
  102. Tried by 12- who is the rapper?
  103. what "trend" lasted the longest in hip hop?
  104. Turntablists I need your help!!!
  105. lets keep it 100, hamza was right about that "post-dilla" bullshit.....
  106. 1 take freestyle
  107. An Open Challenge To All DMC Competitiors
  108. THE ART OF RAP Directed by Ice-T
  109. DV monthly beat and scratch battles
  110. Rate my beat guys
  111. DJ Kuttin Kandi Hospitalized
  112. Music Made With Buttons
  113. 2pac performing live @ Coachella 2012...sorta.
  114. Connie Price & The Keystones/Big Daddy Kane live
  115. apollo an OC
  116. The official 2012 Hip Hop/R&B Club Hits Thread.
  117. Wrecks-N-Effect - "New Jack Swing" discussion.
  118. What Record Store Day Joints did you score?
  119. mini hip hop dj mix its been a while............
  120. What lil wanye track has the lyric "my truth so cool I don't have to lie"?
  121. cross rhythm scratch freestyle
  122. DJ'ing for a rapper/MC tips...?
  123. old school
  124. Your Top 5 Old School Breaks Sources (1986 and Earlier)
  125. Toy story alien beats!
  126. Boiler Room TV 100% Hip Hop feat. A-TRAK - live now.
  127. Mixing Hip Hop songs.
  128. Someone Update Me On Reggeaton/Soca Stuff?
  129. DJ Shortkut - 90s Hip-Hop Video Mix
  130. What happened to hip-hop DJing?
  131. Live experimental turntablism. (VIDEO)
  132. The Adventures of Roc Raida
  133. Mr. E feat. TALIB KWELI - So Disgusting (NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!!!)
  134. Big K.R.I.T, whos down?
  135. Can Anyone Recommend Tracks ~140BPM?
  136. Classics thread?
  137. Don't Take It Personal (Remix)
  138. Hip-Hop Sample ID needed!
  139. Badass electro tracks
  140. Rockhard Bastards live at Wadada Lab (video)
  141. Big Fun In The Big Town (hip-hop documentary from 1986)
  142. Best female Dj Skillwise.
  143. DJ DX Feat.(DJ Madden) - This Is Hip Hop (Official Video) Wiztv
  144. Some free beats and scratch samples from Le Jad
  145. Headfirst (Into The Vortex) - Funk, HipHop & Beats mixtape DL
  146. chile - short freesteele24 05 2012
  147. Your All Time Favorite West Coast Hip Hop Tracks
  148. MixTape Hosting & Mixing
  149. Pete Rock is mad about Lupe Fiasco using T.R.O.Y.
  150. Scratch Camp
  151. 1st Posted Mixes OF MY CAREER, come and judge me.
  152. Rise & Shine: Chino XL
  153. Feezy 350 feat. Shauna K - Mr Dj
  154. new grandeurs of delusion!
  155. any turntablist from Las Vegas?
  156. Freestyle practice scratch at 2 years
  157. True School Beatdown Volume Eight
  158. EDM dj switching to hiphop. Need help!
  159. Name Dope Tracks From Hip Hop Artists You Normally Hate On (Or at least aint feelin')
  160. had some spare time to record some cutssss
  161. Another posthumous J Dilla album?
  162. Canibus breaks out a notepad at a rap battle
  163. Another Hip Hop Forum Bites the Dust
  164. Unity massive in charlotte and surrounding areas
  165. The Sonics Rally sing along with Biz Markie.
  166. my friend Cam on the cut
  167. Battle Records
  168. another live hip hop club mix
  169. Roof Top Hip Hop
  170. Schoolboy Q Asap Rocky - Hands on the Wheel
  171. Scratch (hip-hop DJ documentary)
  172. DMC Online round 3 (a couple of vids)
  173. A live mix of some of the latest hip hop
  174. True School Beatdown Volume Ten
  175. Mix Master Mike 3 MC's and 1 DJ sample
  176. What type of hip-hop is this?
  177. Can't get this out of my head
  178. What type of hip-hop is this?
  179. Acapella website for HOT NEW TRACKS for hip hop and reggaeton
  180. Lisa Stansfield Part One
  181. A Classic Tune From Around My Way
  182. A-Trak Money Makin Routine
  183. rchecka - Sorbet (An Orb Mix)
  184. Dope Tracks
  185. my dmc entry
  186. Snippets of "Life Is Good" Nas new album out July 17th!
  187. New LMNO
  188. Modern Funk Worth Checking
  189. Hamster or normal?
  190. Amazing turntable show london uk - xoyo
  191. Name that tune (hip-hop picture quiz)
  192. Anyone collect tapes?
  193. Lorde Finesse suing Mac Miller
  194. Chill-Ass Relaxation Rap
  195. PE New joint!!
  196. Qbert & D-Styles live at Kaikoo Popwave Festival
  197. Albee al || why so serious || dj dx || blend
  198. Willow smith | i am me | dj dx | official remix †
  199. Skratch Bastid & The Gaff - Soul Sisters, Stand Up!
  200. Question on starting out with hip-hop.
  201. Meek Mill feat.(Young Chris) - House Party (Dj Dx) Official Remix
  202. Record Stores/Scratch Jams in San Francisco & NYC
  203. Ms. Melodie R.I.P.
  204. Marley Marl "Classic Recipes" - Recreating Mama Said Knock You Out
  205. JS-1's Latest Tape (DJ JS-1 – Demolition Mix. 3 Hour mix of rare & unreleased demos)
  206. Looking for some feedback
  207. Went Old School With This Track Here..FREE DOWNLOADDD!!
  208. My Old School Hip Hop Mixtape - Parental Advice - File Under Crack Rap and Moral Rap
  209. What's My Name [U]Snoop Dogggy Dogg[/U] Snoop Lion
  210. new Glitch Hop joint - feedback appreciated - p o n t u s - Stadium Bap
  211. Skratch Practice 8.8.12.....Post up your Videos......Battlestar Requested
  212. Good Ice Cube interview
  213. The Video that made me get into Turntablism
  214. Scratching over non-4/4 beats - Have you tried it? Can you do it?
  215. DMC Online Finals Routine
  216. Jon1st - DMC Online Final Routine + Baauer Routine
  217. Cashus Flow feat. Mike Zoot, El Da Sensei and DJ Spinna
  218. DJ DX Feat.(DJ Madden) - Radio Shook (Prod.by) Елисей Маслов
  219. TAPE HEADS: Hip Hop Mixtapes (Not Yours) That Are Worth The Free Download
  220. Help With Scratch Records
  221. SPACERAP ALLSTAR BEATTAPE - made a tape sampling all space rap records check it =D
  222. Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde
  223. Recommends for an old school fan
  224. My scratching doesn't sound like other DJs'
  225. Buddy Peace's new beat tape, "Hot Pudding"
  226. dmc
  227. Rap Odyssey
  228. A Visit From DJ Babu
  229. Laid-back hip hop
  230. Anyone know of any songs related to these ones?
  231. chile @ community scratch games 2012
  232. DJ Woody - Big Phat 90s mix (audio & video versions)
  233. Le Jad - Percussions
  234. Munitio Sessions w/ DJ Manwell
  235. 2 Chainz feat.(DJ DX) - Crack (Explicit)
  236. Can somebody help me find this track?
  237. Who sampled Greyhound's Black and White?
  238. Spinning Classic Hip Hop/R&B with CDJs...
  239. Crate Digging w/ J-Rocc: J. Rocc's Vinyl Collection
  240. Enough is Enough (Video Inside)
  241. chile live practice broadcasting now
  242. DJ DX feat.(Sting) DJ Madden - Play For Respect
  243. Just finished watching Perverted Allies at DMC 2001 for the first time ever
  244. Mixing from slow to fast tempo with traktor
  245. Shits Hard!!!
  246. kurteek dopest
  247. Keyshia Cole feat.(DJ DX) - Enough Of No Love
  248. chile-new-boomerang-practice
  249. The Bizarre Tribe mix?
  250. old electro scratch freestyle