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  1. Please support by picking up my newest tune on Beatport.com!
  2. Need Your Best Mix For New Online Radio Coming Soon
  3. who's going to the mobile beat convention?
  4. What a wonderful day!
  5. Any DJ Shadow fans on here? Check out what I picked up today.....
  6. How do you guys approach finding new venues to play at?
  7. Some good latin music ideas....
  8. Went to Webster Hall and..
  9. What is the Different dj control like TURNTABLES and cdj , plz i need help
  10. Working with bars that have little/no online presence.
  11. So Tiesto is into deep house then eh?
  12. Standalone MIDI controllers?
  13. Playing Oldies for oldies: first gig questions
  14. Whose podcasts are you currently listening to?
  15. Looking to buy a new hat (DJ / music related)
  16. Genre ID
  17. Technics 1200 turntable $2300?
  18. Mixed in Key - really worth it?
  19. Latin Set
  20. Getting back where I was at
  21. Whats up with Moombahton
  22. Dance Music's Creative Crisis: It's Not Just Streaming
  23. New DJ App
  24. Sound It Out - record shop documentary
  25. Turntable Woes..... :(
  26. Black FRIDAY..who has the best dealios?
  27. Eskmo... Probably the best live performer i've ever seen!
  28. Music Backup Just In Case
  29. David Guetta listed in the top 5 of out of 100 DJ's
  30. Ways to improve even when NOT Djing.
  31. 'Pay for Plays' email I got today
  32. music download services
  33. EDM at Bars/Clubs...
  34. Beginner Chirstmas Equipment
  35. Dash Berlin, Sky Blu of LMFAO, TYDi, Pendulum. Basement Jaxx????
  36. I entered a remix competition aaaaand.. can I get your vote? :D
  37. WTFF - Shocked!
  38. Quick gig report - little mistakes
  39. Looking for Remixers - GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR EXPOSURE
  40. "Do superstar DJs just press 'go' on their live shows?" (+ Calvin Harris sues BBC?)
  41. DJ intros for podcasts
  42. Yet another report shows that pirates spend more money on music than non-pirates
  43. Soundcloud beta
  44. So I got fired from my first bar gig
  45. Trance clubs?
  46. Renoise - Mutant Breakz 5
  47. That time when 2 tracks refuse to go together!
  48. What do you mean by using sync.
  49. Why can I learn hardcore so easily but not house/techn? (Discussed to death probably)
  50. If you happy and you know it clap your hands - Remixes
  51. Ean Golden interviews Loco Dice | How I Play
  52. Need a gameplan
  53. Canada/Vancouver folks - Any of you know about the group, Love & Electrik?
  54. Compulsive Beatport buying
  55. Is there a REMIX section on djforums.com? anyone enter Beatport Remix comps before?
  56. Cdjs an mixer vs standalone midi mixer
  57. Could do with some advice before forking out hundreds or thousands!
  58. Free DJ Live! Webinar & User Group - Digital DJing presented by BEHRINGER Wed Nov 28
  59. Track It Down Pro - worth it?
  60. Calvin Harris highlighting the fading of club culture?
  61. Am I a sell out????
  62. I really hate these threads, but... It might help other people too.
  63. Facebook copyright appeal for uploaded video mixes, anyone done it?
  64. Hy can anyone help me with this
  65. Who here has switched to playing top 40 in order to get gigs?
  66. Requesting songs - question for all dj's
  67. Booking more than one show at a time if you don't have experience?
  68. How to properly ID this?
  69. What type of DJ are you???
  70. What custom earplug models do you recommend?
  71. Question about contract
  72. Joe Bussard - crate digger supreme
  73. Issues with dj-setup BUZZ! Help please...
  74. Worst Flier Ever
  75. Anonymous music piracy poll
  76. Frat Christmas Party
  77. a question about mixing
  78. Stage Diving/tearing the house down
  79. German DJs getting the shaft
  80. someting about the djmag top100
  81. What real DJ's think of Top 100 polls
  82. British dance music from 20 years ago
  83. Who are we? What’s the story behind our taste in music?
  84. Advice on a new set up needed.
  85. beatport vs
  86. Virtual DJ without bpm readout or waveform
  87. Ergnomics of djing
  88. New CDJ, new mixer or new speakers?
  89. Laidback Luke @ DJ Sounds 2012
  90. What goes around comes around (Christmas ideas)
  91. Good sites for top40 mashups
  92. What would you have done?
  93. Paris Hilton in India
  94. Paying to play??
  95. NEW Vs. OLD when it comes to music - your personal taste as a listener
  96. How Do You Pull Of A Successful Podcast/Radio Show Series?
  97. What Music Blogs do you Read?
  98. Can I get everyone to vote on this?
  99. Logos
  100. trance
  101. Resident Advisor Top 100 DJs
  102. Laptops whilst DJing
  103. Etiquette playing after the headliner!
  104. Denon Tech Service is AWESOME!
  105. The balance of sounds difference btwn underground dance and pop dance
  106. cant wait
  107. Christmas songs/remixes - House & Electro
  108. Scratching on a non dj old turntable.
  109. DJ Mobile phone apps for fans, - good idea or waste of time?
  110. Streaming Live Mixes
  111. buying equipment in the UK
  112. will i ever go anywhere
  113. Interesting Music Trends
  114. Amoeba Music: Vinyl Vaults
  115. Live in Cali? Want to get into NAMM 2013 for free and get paid?
  116. how early do you arrive for a gig?
  117. Local Radio show - need dj mixes!
  118. The new look SoundCloud is growing on me
  119. Opening for Qbert!!!??
  120. Who are the best DJs posting on DJF right now?
  121. your thoughts about Belgium's dj lisence
  122. I'm looking at hosting a weekly 'Ellaskins inspired' TenMinMix comp
  123. Worlds Colliding: Phil Anselmo interviews 50 Cent about music & boxing! (wall o'text)
  124. What's the Craziest Track You've Thrown Into Your Set?
  125. mixify
  126. Great deal on used gear? x2 CDJ 2000's, DJM 900 Nexus, Tech 12s, etc
  127. An interview that sums up a big part of why I like physical media
  128. DJ Drops
  129. And the winner of the EDM DJ miming contest is.....
  130. Help needed
  131. Hey guys anyone want to help me out to name a new project?
  132. itune questions
  133. Craigslist Story?
  134. Warm up set
  135. Hey guys, would you be likely to use this website once I finish building it?
  136. Stutter Cue
  137. Where do you get YOUR gear from?
  138. 14 year old CDJ100
  139. music inquiry- slow psytrance
  140. approached by agency on Facebook. joining fee?
  142. Brag about the gear that broke
  143. Please Help! Dont know what to do!
  144. Buying and Playing territory restricted music?
  145. V-Moda LP Over-ear headphone sale at Amazon ($74.99)
  146. CDJ or Dj Controller Advice
  147. When Buying Music, from an Art Work Perspective ---
  148. Best music/record pools?
  149. Why do people only want DJ's from their town? (Craigslist)
  150. DJ Shadow booted off the decks for playing the wrong kind of music
  151. One track just cannot mix
  152. Shameless Advertisement for DJF VIP
  153. Odd Mashups
  154. Goals For the New Year?
  155. Genre name changes
  156. year in review: how did the year of the dragon treat you?
  157. I need an acapella. What are my options?
  158. Talent and showmanship
  159. DJF Trance Tournament Finals!
  160. I guess I am a real DJ now!
  161. AH.FM End of Year Countdown
  162. Club owner to select playlist
  163. Free DJ gear scams
  164. Free Soundcloud promotion? Yep :)
  165. New App for DJ's - Live interaction/voting app for you and your crowd
  166. What are your best tracks of the year?
  167. I was reminded of why I love DJs and DJing - Julio Bashmore set.
  168. Mixing in headphones vs one ear
  169. Cheesy/cliche snare rolls examples?
  170. Do you play mono or stereo
  171. How would you start and end a set
  172. Down by Law: The Year Downloading Took a Dive
  173. Hooking up TTs to studio monitors
  174. Promoter decided on a live band instead of a DJ!! WTF
  175. DJ Earworm!
  176. "10 years of genres losing their minds"
  177. Exhibitionist Mix (Complete) - Jeff Mills turntable mix set on Youtube.
  178. Where do you prefer to upload your mixes onto?
  179. Multi Room Sound?????
  180. Anyone deal with Pioneer warranty repair?
  181. What is a DJ
  182. 'illegally' downloading defunct programs..thoughts?
  183. Anyone here like to mix some trax for me PAYED JOB !
  184. Wedding Remixes
  185. is practising mixing electro house an effective use of my time.
  186. Think twice before ordering online from 123DJ.com
  187. Song's name - Please help (desperate)
  188. SACD quality digital format?
  189. House scene in Brussels?
  190. What do you do w/ older music?
  191. Buying B-Stock gear
  192. What did you get for Christmas?
  193. Favorite album (Pick one)
  194. Returning a package
  195. DJ hierarchy
  196. Discogs fees?
  197. New Years Resolutions
  198. Blog for DJs w *FREE* Edits/Transitions/Remixes
  199. Hybrid Set Up - Your Views
  200. # of facebook likes and youtube views and getting gigs?
  201. Evening music!
  202. How bad is it to use extra tonearm weight?
  203. Latin and Top 40 Record Pool
  204. What do you look forward to in 2013?
  205. programming a good Set.
  206. Turntable quartz lock ?
  207. creativity
  208. Help naming a new EP?
  209. Please calm me down
  210. What Song Are You Dropping on New Year's?
  211. Some Musicians shouldn't be allowed behind a pair of turntables
  212. Votes needed!
  213. can I use 1 deck and the mixer of the Mixtrack Pro with a CDJ-900?
  214. tranfering via virtual dj
  215. I would like to address a common theme of this forum from a different perspective.
  216. Best DJ gear(s) of 2012
  217. Other ways to promote your mixes via the internet.
  218. Someone explain this to me
  219. So much money! But what do i buy?!
  220. casting for the next top edm dj/producer
  221. Is this website safe/trustable?!
  222. This is for all DJ's That use A Controller and never the club standard.
  223. Back Your Music Up!!!!!!
  224. Djing a Silent Disco
  225. Fishtailed transitions
  226. Weird to ask club owner for contacts?
  227. best thing to happen in the djing world
  228. Stuck! Track i.d?
  229. How did everyone's New Year Gigs go?
  230. Why do so many people overprice DJ equipment on ebay?
  231. Yeah. And people think sync is bad
  232. Oh no.
  233. Technic 1200's for CDJ 850 input please
  234. Is Djing the same as any other instrument.
  235. I have a confession.
  236. Is it just me or...
  237. Record Pool: ClubKillers or DJcity
  238. DJ Shadow got booted off the decks at Mansion
  239. sync button?
  240. Looking for unique Producers!
  241. 101 breaks id?
  242. Your favourite mix of 2012?
  243. new soundcloud argh!!!!
  244. What Tempo Range do you start at?
  245. The Official what food did you just make thread
  246. DJ wanted for remix
  247. Do i sell my DJM800 to fund the new pioneer controller???
  248. Getting back in the mix...
  249. Play/pause button?
  250. Question about genres