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  1. Vestax VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition
  2. Traktor Related Question
  3. Changing music folder names that are tied to Serato
  4. Inspirion 17r
  5. Video DJ Thread
  6. Pioneer DDJ S1
  7. Vestax VCI-300 MKII & M Audio Trigger Pad/AKAI MPD24
  8. Maschine mikro
  9. Some interesting DYI controllers and Midi platters!
  10. SSL 2.3.3 + Mac problems - help!
  11. Torq Connectiv Dials
  12. Numark NS6 Or Pioneer DDJ-S1, DDJ-T1
  13. The Official Computer Survey Thread
  14. Serato Audio Clip Inserts Question
  15. MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2011 or 2012 refresh)
  16. History of SSL
  17. Laptop for Traktor Scratch Duo 2...
  18. configuring my Technics MK5 with Serato SL4
  19. can you give me arecoment for controler?
  20. The Official: What DVS/DJ Software Do You Prefer and Why?
  21. Soundcards
  22. American Audio VMS4 American Audio VMS4 american audio 4 or traktor s2?
  23. Advanced guide to using MP3Tag to tag your music
  24. Anyone else using TouchOSC?
  25. Serato & External Hard drive music library..HELP..
  26. Encoding guide (lossy/lossless/MP3/FLAC/bitrates/tagging)
  27. USB audio interface for recording via a laptop?
  28. SC3900 Official
  29. Want to submit a review for the reviews section?
  30. Denon DJ DN-HC1000S vs Novation Dicers
  31. Traktor Kontrol S4, 14 months later
  32. Traktor Scratch Pro with Maya44 USB ?
  33. Couple questions regarding SSL/WhiteLabel tracks and keeping library "up to date"...
  34. How do I import BPMs from Mixmeister BPM Analyzer (Mac) to iTunes?
  35. Rekord box?
  36. S4 x Denon DN-MC6000?
  37. NS6 or DX? software or hardware problem?
  38. Saving Loops in Serato
  39. Preferred file type - lossy or lossless?
  40. Numark NS7
  41. VCI-100 or Novation Twitch?!
  42. Traktor channel gains master output question
  43. DVS Users: Help me troubleshoot TSP 2.1.2
  44. 4 CDJs with Traktor
  45. Best traktor controller: S4 vs 4TRAK
  46. Traktor question
  47. Serato not adding all files
  48. Akai lpd8 + tsp2
  49. Bar with NS7 and Laptop Setup
  50. Midi controller question
  51. **Recording With Serato!**
  52. Traktor hardware + Virtual DJ Compatibility
  53. Loop forward/back in Scratch
  54. HELP! Traktor...S4....Audio 10...CDJ's....TTS...
  55. Small dots in Scratch Live, What do you use them for?
  56. Question regarding Novation Twitch and ProTools.
  57. CDJ805s and Hercules RMX with Traktor Pro
  58. Virtual DJ and Serato and Traktor
  59. DDJ Ergo Headphones
  60. question about using laptop, dvs, cdj, controllers, etc...
  61. numark ns7 question...
  62. getting into VJing, which DJ Pool For Videos ?
  63. VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition
  64. ableton sound card
  65. Pro dub licence?
  66. Best non-mac computer for DJ'ing, and or optimal settings
  67. So who's going to get one of those Behringer modular controllers?
  68. Do you use master tempo?
  69. Serato: Do you use auto gain?
  70. Traktor Pro 2 Loop mapping question
  71. Setting up Trakor Pro 2 for S2
  73. Problem with Traktor Scratch Duo
  74. Possibly a noob question.. Looking for a good midi controller for under $1000 , Ns7?
  75. Please Help, Quick Question about Traktor Kontrol S2
  76. setting levels with traktor
  77. MK2 calibration
  78. Best laptops for DJing
  79. Review: Denon DN-HC5000
  80. Federali in DJ clothing
  81. How to do gain & EQ calibration with Traktor S4 + mixing console + Powered speakers?
  82. Numark Mix Track Pro or Hercules Dj Control Air?
  83. Just a heads up for touchscreen owners...
  84. Serato DJing Help
  85. Launchpad and Serato?
  86. Software/Hardware for dual VDJs
  87. need help setting up traktor
  88. Native Instruments X1
  89. The story of my American Audio VMS4
  90. Help! I think I broke my Trigger Finger!
  91. Which is better: Windows or MacOS?
  92. Midi Fighter 3D
  93. 2 macs, 2 abletons, traktor s4 sync help
  94. My experience with the DDJ S1, DDJ T1, and NS6
  95. Play Apple Lossless files in Serato without having to install Quicktime?
  96. New Cheap Controller for a NOT N00b DJ
  97. anyone make a....
  98. need help with Traktor Pro 2
  99. External Hard Drive for a Mac
  100. CD Burning Software
  101. What programs do YOU use to DJ/PRODUCE .... NEW NUMARK controller for producer/dj
  102. Scratch Live 2.4.1 public beta now out
  103. What External Sound card to buy for my decks?
  104. Can I re-sell a Traktor S4 Scratch Upgrade?
  105. Regular Macbook for Djing/Producing?
  106. Computer Help??? Latency Issues. Any geeks out there?
  107. Traktor Audio 6 vs 2 ??
  108. laptop equipment (have most of what i need, was a CDJ before this)
  109. Backpacking and Vagabonding DJ Advice
  110. S2 vs. S4 Pricing
  111. Can't decide: Mixtrack Pro vs Hercules RMX
  112. Help! torq connetiv+i3 acer+1.5.2+windows7=???
  113. Adding Effects ,Midi Controllers,Akai MPC 500 MIDI
  114. Alternatives to Korg NanoKontrol 2?
  115. Bridge experiences…
  116. S2 mapping question
  117. Kaossilator Pro BPM question
  118. Serato and CDJ question
  119. IDJ3 Numark help
  120. Novation Launchpad Help
  121. Novation Dicer and Technics dust covers
  122. Novation Dicer Custom Mappings
  123. Calling all 4-deck controller DJs...
  124. External Hard Drive
  125. VCI 300 MKII at Pawn Shop
  126. Advice on what DJ mixing software to use
  127. I want to buy a [controller]
  128. Korg ZERO4 Mac Driver
  129. Pro's and Con's of each DJ software
  130. Traktor BPM help!
  131. Will a VCI 300 or Kontrol S2 fit in a normal sized backpack?
  132. Scratch Live functionality without SL interface?
  133. DJing with Ableton..
  134. Flightcase for vms2
  135. How to back up a computer running Windows 7
  136. Deciding between 2 Beginner Controllers
  137. Vinyl ripping guide for Windows users
  138. CPU Spikes
  139. Serato vs Traktor
  140. Traktor Pros, need some help
  141. DDJ-S1 with VDJ Help
  142. Is this computer good enough to run DJ software? (MBP)
  143. Time code problemo
  144. S2 or Pioneer DDJ-T1?
  145. Hercules RMX with Traktor (Jog Wheels)
  146. Questions Regarding The Pioneer DDJ S1 Controller
  147. S2 vs Mixtrack Pro
  148. Platinum Notes Sucks (proof)
  149. issue with S4 Kontroller crossfader
  150. ADVISE on new gear please!
  151. Question about SSL
  152. Traktor VS. VDJ... Cannot Decide!
  153. Traktor Pro 2.5 and Kontrol F1 Launch Date
  154. Ableton Live Lite
  155. What is considered "normal" latency and lag with controllers? Moving from SSL
  156. Sound Card
  157. Audio Interface/Sound Card Not Compatible? RME/RPM Hammerfall DSP
  158. Pioneer Announces Remix Station RMX-1000
  159. Marathon cd-2710 rackmount dual CD player
  160. Need Help With Traktor
  161. Timecode with cdj 800
  162. WOW... New VESTAX VCI-380
  163. New to timecode set up, what equipment to buy?
  164. Numark Mixdeck
  165. Little help with what I should buy for timecode / record setup
  166. SSL + Windows 7 64-bit Issue
  167. Pioneer CDJ2000
  168. Traktor question - help! What does this icon mean?
  169. Do I actually need an internal Soundcard?
  170. Opinions on dj controllers
  171. SSL & MP3s encoded in Soundbooth
  172. Good controllers
  173. Ableton and Traktor capable laptop
  174. Questionable buy
  175. NS^ vs DX for Serato Video
  176. Anyone into controllerism on here?
  177. Serato: Can I avoid re-analzying files?
  178. VoXoA C60/Stanton DJC.4 Controller
  179. Kontrol X1
  180. Traktor Unable to Calibrate - Fail
  181. Virtual 8 DJ sneak peak
  182. New Controller Advice
  183. New Controller Advice
  184. Using Traktor for the first time in months, forgot about some settings...
  185. Virtual DJ video record doesnt work!!!
  186. Software to find the key of a track?
  187. Kontrol F1
  188. Numark N4 issues Jog Wheel
  189. VDJ 8 revealed
  190. Traktor pitch question
  191. Hp Beats Laptop
  192. does Numark NS7 function as standalone mixer?
  193. Numark NS6 vs Numark 4Track???
  194. Verifying Licenses for MP3's
  195. Smallest existing Traktor controller with pitch slider...?
  196. song libarary queries in top DJ software?
  197. Traktor Kontrol S4 Club worthy?
  198. Moving between turntables and an ns7
  199. Novation Twitch Tricks & Effects
  200. Request
  201. which program is "heavier"
  202. Equipment Question!
  203. Equipment Suggestions
  204. Need help choosing a laptop
  205. Denon MC-6000 using video
  206. I Pad 3 & serato etc
  207. Hercules RMX or Reloop Digital Jockey 2??
  208. dn-mc6000 help
  209. Going Digital (again) Advice for cdj 850s
  210. Using an RMX to scratch with vinyl tables.
  211. Are there any Traktor "hacks?"
  212. Having Problems installing drivers for numark DJ IO.
  213. Thinking of trying MIDI with my DJM-800
  214. Traktor Vs Serato/Ableton (no not like that) LOL
  215. Suitable Controller?
  216. Any tips for using Operator/Anologue/Electric in Ableton Live ETC.
  217. Hercules MK4 controller mapping?
  218. Traktor Pro 2.5
  219. Best way of using pitchbend
  220. Serato vs Traktor Pro 2 vs Traktor Scratch Pro 2
  221. I have two Questions
  222. DDJ-S1 flight case....question
  223. Virtual DJ 8 preview !!!
  224. Sound problem with laptop / desktop
  225. Numark 4TRAK 4-Channel Traktor Controller
  226. Launchpad LED help
  227. traktor recording with S2/ S4
  228. Traktor Scratch A6 Vs. Serato SL1
  230. QuNeo controller demo vid
  231. OFFICIAL KLH Monster review of Native Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol S4
  232. Ns6 advice etc
  233. Producing midi keyboard
  234. Splitting headphone signal and gain-staging one half before going to Audio 8
  235. Configuring a Rane TTM 57SL for Serato
  236. Traktor 2 / CDJ-900s / NI X1... Help
  237. Looking to buy an interface, need some help
  238. Mapping Virtual DJ Home
  239. Will Marshall DJ Template for APC40 Free Lite or Pro Version
  240. Time for SERATO to give us a dedicated controller
  241. iPad: TouchOSC VS Lemur VS Touchable
  242. DVS... Torq?
  243. DDJ S1 - Traktor Mappings?
  244. Ns6 just arrived help.....
  245. why wont it let me download newest version of itch?!
  246. Equipment help!?
  247. Going digital... somebody hold my hand
  248. Advice needed about cases.
  249. DJCity App - How do I use the built in transfer feature?
  250. Key lock for Serato Itch on NS6