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  1. Post your Ikea creations here
  2. Need to convert my RP-DH1200 into lollipops.
  3. Works1200 - The Technics 1200/1210 specialist refurb thread
  4. 1 Power cable - cable management - coffin MOD - POWER SQUID
  5. Flight Case Mods
  6. ProDJpc
  7. Refurbished 1200 MK2
  8. custom dj table
  9. Vestax Typhoon Repair!help!
  10. How to: Install SL1 inside your mixer
  11. Numark NS6 anti-bling platters mod
  12. Modded DJM900 with rotary kit and CDJ2000 LED mod
  13. Vestax PMC-580 Rotary Fader Mod
  14. Help with encasing a KRK Audio Rockit 8 Speaker with Wood.
  15. Adjust channel fader curve on a mixer with no adjustment knob.
  16. DJM400 Headphone Jack Replacement
  17. About ready to overhaul my 1200's, lights, cables, pitch faders. What else?
  18. Damaged technics 1210
  19. Mixer case and Serato box
  20. Stanton SA-8 and Innofader mod
  21. Denon DNX-1600 Mixer Serato Box Mod (NEED HELP!)
  22. DJ table paint job?
  23. Sony MDR V-700 replacement headband?
  24. Trailer is loaded for tomorrows install
  25. Furniture vs. Equipment Stands.
  26. vestax pcv 275 fader broken, help!
  27. Replacing PGM lights in Rane TTM-56
  28. Technics 1210 MK2 Led Mods In New Jersey .....
  29. Technics refurb/customization DC area
  30. Bad hum in mixer
  31. Vestax PMC-05 Pro II... not working, thought I'd give it a go as a pet project
  32. Sneak peek - SL1200 MK2 refurbish
  33. How difficult is it to replace 1200MK5 tone arm?
  34. shure m44-7 pair - one is louder than other
  35. Mohogany 1200's with built in Dicers by Jesse Dean Designs
  36. Do I need to replace my pitch fader? (Technics 1200 MK2)
  37. Technics 1200 slightly damage tone arm
  38. Cleaning an MKII pitch fader
  39. Broken RPM button on Technics 1200
  40. Airbrush artist DC/metro NoVA area
  41. Looking for some advice on home setup
  42. DIY CDJ stands - The Idiot's Guide
  43. Technics RCA PCB Replacement
  44. need to get one of my 1200's serviced (Southern California area)
  45. Is this stuff safe to use on my 1200s?
  46. Finished MK2 project
  47. Any1 here in Canada does Mods?
  48. Technics 1200 LED KIT
  49. DJ Coffin Mod for two minute setup.... w/ leds
  50. My Technics 1200's Thread!
  51. DIY: Acoustic Panels
  52. Technics 1200 Ground Wire Question
  53. cdj400 faulty pitch control
  54. Even bother with acoustic treatment?
  55. Technics 1200 proper work placement
  56. Problem with my Technics 1200
  57. Innofader for VMC-004xl?
  58. Need help re-installing power knob on Technic 1200!
  59. Technic 1200 pcb potentiometer issue
  60. Inside a DNS-1200 (with pics)
  61. Fresh paint on 1200s
  62. DIY DJ Console
  63. Sound card stand out of random junk
  64. Anyone got any ideas for speaker poles??
  65. Technics Decals
  66. installing NI A8 inside of Ecler Nuo 2.0
  67. Swapped Out The Knobs On My EVO 4
  68. Another crazy idea of mine - Scrimpod subs
  69. How can I improve my turntables?
  70. just modded my serato
  71. Under The Platter Lighting on 1200's
  72. 1200's mk2 pitch fader problem
  73. Pioneer DJM-400 Sound Issue
  74. Building the impossible DJ deckstand
  75. 1st time attempt to fix/refurb a 1210mk2, help needed
  76. Modding to increase maximum gains on a Xone 62? Is it possible?
  77. 1200 Ready For the Powdercoater Monday
  78. IS there Any WAY To implement MIDI to the Faders of a DJM-909?!
  79. dmix help
  80. Repairing an Omnitronic P-500, blown resistor value?
  81. Sony Stick Headphones
  82. Diy led black lighting?
  83. New home for my 15" coax drivers
  84. LED color swap on DJM-909 (video inside)
  85. 33/45 selector question
  86. Qsc Amp usa1310 Internal Problems
  87. Just In From The Powdercoater My PC 12's
  88. M3D Dicer Edition.
  89. Speaker Stand Advice
  90. Adding echo cheaply
  91. Lion pitch knob made of silver
  92. phono cables
  93. Technics 1200s color change EASY!!
  94. More DIY ( Facade and led rope RGB lighting)
  95. Channel 2 is all but dead.
  96. Turntablists: How to record 1 channel (while cueing 2 audio sources)
  97. Audio interface died, emitting smoke.
  98. Another custom 1200 mod matte black
  99. SL1200 modification
  100. replacement cable for my HD 25 IIs
  101. Got Dat DJBooth/Console Thing ;) (My DIY Shinanigans)
  102. Installing SL1 into NUO 4.0
  103. does anyone in seattle do custom work on 1200s?
  104. Building of a Hackintosh Diary
  105. Dismantling the Beyerdynamic DT1350
  106. Modded Headphones
  107. Powdercoating Prices
  108. Stanton Turntable repair T60
  109. TTXUSB CPU chip repair?
  110. Replacement for AKG K518dj EARPADS. Need Help!
  111. Turntable Fixing to wall
  112. Custom Technics RP-DH1200 Headphones
  113. Anyone powder coat their turntables?
  114. Technics Speeds up randomly when at 0.
  115. Painting the tonearm base Recalibration.
  116. Vestax PMC 25 repair
  117. Some custom Sennheiser HD25
  118. Denon DNX1100 mixer repair
  119. technic 1200 dissasembled for $225 would you buy it
  120. Dicers built into the mixer housing, anyone seen or done it?
  121. Saving a Club Hero (Technics Refub)
  122. Re-covered my Peavey PV215s
  123. Anyone know any spots in the Bay Area that repair turntables??
  124. Technics Height Adjustment Stuck
  125. XLR CABLE's
  126. Turntable Foam
  127. Would these work for splitting speakers and headphones (Traktor Pro 2.5)
  128. Technics 1200 MK3D pitch recalibration
  129. Restoring Flight Cases
  130. Repair The Target Light On A Numark TTXUSB
  131. Tech ground mod Serato box issue
  132. Looking for a guide to do some work on my 1200s
  133. infinium crossfader leaking ARRRGH.
  134. Is it possible to drop a pioneer cdj jog wheel on to gemini's cdj 700??
  135. Technics with no power
  136. Question about a technics part..
  137. My turntable flight case mod - Turntable Set 1
  138. Technics m5g tone arm weight question...
  139. Wattage/Amps - does anyone know what these ratings are for lamp output on a sl1200
  140. Technics Help find parts Q2 Q3 D2 D301
  141. My turntable flight case mod - Turntable Set 2
  142. Ecler Nuo 3 Clean or replace Eq Knobs?
  143. Anti skate Spring in a 1200. Need help puttin it together
  144. Tech 1200 Height adjuster help Took it apart
  145. Technic 1200 RCA Cable replacment? What cable?
  146. Where can I find this replacement Yamaha fader? *Pics*
  147. Need Help, Technic 1200 RCA Replacement trouble.
  148. DIY Facade wooden frames?
  149. Anyway to stick labels onto rubber pads?
  150. Need help quick!!!
  151. Need help/advice: Modding DJM 909 with Traktor Audio 6
  152. Tron Legacy style HDJ-2000 project
  153. decided to relocate my rca's & power cord
  154. stripped down my decks for the pc.
  155. Where can I get this done?
  156. advantage to useing a second harddrive in a laptop vs external
  157. turntable case wood help
  158. Can you change the nobs on a Behringer DDM4000
  159. Gemini CFX-20 Button Replacement
  160. Ladder DJ desk
  161. sneak peak of my other custom 1200
  162. Pioneer HDJ-500 Cable Acc
  163. Just finished the custom 1200. These were the decks I got for $120.
  164. Some custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 and HDJ-500
  165. Custom Battle Enclosure
  166. Innofader Pro into Rane Empath Questions
  167. I made VU meter headphones. They light up in sync with the music.
  168. MK2 Tonearm height adjustment
  169. no booth out
  170. Vestax VMC-002XL - does anyone have one?
  171. Laptop Stand
  172. DJM-2000R (Rotary Edition)
  173. Painting TEchnics 1200s
  174. Is there an easier way to tighten the cartridge to the headshell?
  175. New Custom made rack
  176. More mods I done the laker decks just a preview and the all canary yellow and white.
  177. CDJ-2000 Nexus and DJM-900 LED and Rotary mod
  178. Technics disassembling, bondo and paint how-to!
  179. Technics RCA signal cross
  180. How to Set Up a Birds Eye View of Camera or iPhone of turntables when deejaying
  181. DIY Traktor/Serato DJ Soundcards Installed Inside Of Your Mixer
  182. Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK1 jog wheel losening mod?
  183. Help replacement tact buttons for Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3
  184. Frankencable - IEC C19 to NEMA 5-20 plug
  185. hillbilly hard drive enclosure
  186. New Custom Amp Rack - Picture Heavy!
  187. OK, got a good price on the CDJ 2000 Nexus, ready to purchase....
  188. How do you enable scratching on Numark iCDMIX2?
  189. Modding my setup again!
  190. HOW TO: Install audio 6 into a old Vestax mixer
  191. Custom Adapters for mounting moving heads to tripods
  192. technics strobe question..
  193. CDJ-800mk2 replacement cue/play switches
  194. technics tone arm issue..
  195. DIY Table to facade fully lit.
  196. My setup!
  197. Pitch issue 1200 mk2
  198. DIY Speaker Bag
  199. Custom booth I found on the web.
  200. DDJ SX Case Mod
  201. Custom Slip Mats
  202. Problems with XONE:02 (someone help!)
  203. pitch fader LED out
  204. Modding SL1200 MK2 Pitch Fader
  205. Need Help With An Issue That I'm Having W/ My Numark TTX1 Tonearm Base Assembly
  206. Need USB hub replacement for my CDJ 900!
  207. Some Custom Scratch pads I did and the 1200 Platter.
  208. 1200 Tone arm disassembly for painting
  209. Anybody use these fader knobs?
  210. need help with a technic , thanks
  211. DIY speakers?
  212. DIY DJ Isolator
  213. Technics 1200 Rubber Base Respray
  214. Building A Custom Made Stage
  215. Replacement Crossfader
  216. Mounting Crane Stand to top of Slant Rack
  217. Custom NS6 Odyssey Flightcase with LEDs and Distro
  218. LED DJ Facade Project
  219. Laptop RAM
  220. Chauvet CH31 Fix
  221. Where can I find a Technics target lamp switch *Pic*
  222. Left sync button broken on Mixtrack Pro
  223. NDX 400's noise que button
  224. Easily the most MODDED DJ mixer known to man: Behringer DDM4000 - Lets discuss it.
  225. My custom DJ lighting (lots of pics)
  226. I made a custom MIDI controller, what do you think?
  227. need help locating MASCHINE encoder 0B20K rotary encoder
  228. Customized Console
  229. any of you guys done a camper conversion? (dj style)
  230. Velcroing an External HD onto a laptop ?
  231. Painting A Vestax VCI-100 Or Any Metal DJ Gear In General
  232. Deconstructing MIDI controller (Akai LPD8)?
  233. Painting Technics 1200 & Vinyl Stickers
  234. some Traktor vinyl stickers
  235. Vestax PDX-2000 MIDI mod
  236. CMD Studio 4a vs Mixtrack Pro 2
  237. M3D/MK5 pitch control in MK2 table
  238. 1200's Mod
  239. Technics Restoration: Bright White w/ Blue Platters
  240. Denon DN X1600 Mod
  241. how to remove ttx1 platter
  242. designing a DJ storage unit for speakers, turn tables and other things you might need
  243. Phono/Line switch on a Vestax PMC05 Pro III
  244. HELP! I accidently ordered the wrong Gator Arm. Help me mod?
  245. Need some general help in making subwoofers
  246. Colour change LED for XDJ-Aero?
  247. Back from the shop!
  248. My IKEA DJ Unit...
  249. Modded Vestax VMC-002XL
  250. Technics 1200 platter question/issue..